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Memphis Watch Party in Arizona

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    I don't care if it starts out as two only. I'll be there.


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      Originally posted by WstateU View Post

      True... it went through my 'pea brain' when posting...
      Ok guys and girls, party like it's 2020...


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        Originally posted by wichshock65 View Post

        Is that the Grant Gibbs Creighton flop by the drunk dude?


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          You guys all set out there in the valley of the sun?


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            I'm not sure but I'm heading to Fat Cats right now I will be there in about 2 minutes.


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              We had a successful first Mesa AZ watch party. It was great to meet AZ Shocker and Root Angry We were sitting at Fat Cat's rooting (angrily) for our Shox and took this pic at half time. I was going to post a pic of us sitting at the bar from behind but … You know.....Crack Kills ! The bartender was rooting with us. It was a cool night

              AZ Shockers.jpg


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                It was really cool to meet you guys, and a really successful first ShockAZs meeting. I really enjoyed hearing a bit of your guys' stories, and thank you for sharing some local Wichita history. Really great stuff!

                Moshock has it right, when we weren't conversing, we were rooting angrily. Thanks for the beer AZ Shocker, that was very generous of you. I got you next time, friend!

                Both really cool dudes, see you guys again.


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                  **** I missed out. Friend of mine who lives elsewhere just told me there was other shocker fans out here. Let me know if there are anymore east valley watch parties. I'm out in East Mesa. Also anybody wanting to watch a Chiefs game im down for that too.


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                    Good times fer sure! Great to meet the both of you Root Angry and moshock!!!!! Let's do it again one of these times! Go Shocks!!!
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