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    Not particularly a basketball post (my apologies Royal) but something I feel is relevant to this particular section of Shockernet right now.

    Here's a little advice from a guy who's been there:

    We all need to remember that this is the Internet, and wherever you have an open blog or message board, you're going to have trolls.

    Calling out a troll, and I speak from experience here, may FEEL like the correct thing to do, but all you're really doing is satisfying the ego of the troll. Even if you're completely in the right, an experienced troll will somehow still make you look like the jerk in the discussion.

    Really, when was the last time you ever saw anyone back down from an argument on the internet? You're anonymous and apparently have the power to raise the blood pressure of other people just by making some dogmatic statement. Where's the motivation to stop, especially if you're accomplishing your mission without busting any of the TOS?

    So here's what you do when you see a troll: IGNORE HIM. Don't reply to him, don't quote him, don't even acknowledge that you can see his post. If someone is a known troll, DON'T EVEN READ THEIR POSTS. Just skim down to the next reasonable post in the thread.

    The danger with responding is that it's human nature to escalate the conflict, and sooner or later TOS will be violated or you'll anger the mods to such a degree that you'll be the one locked out, not the troll.

    Please, do yourself a favor and just ignore the troll. Keep your discussions with the people who are actually worth discussing things with. You'll save time and be happier and healthier because of it.

    Thank you, and GO SHOX!!

    :clap: :clap:

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    Recently this place is starting to resemble VT. I have never posted there because from my vantage point it's been 3 parts trash talk 1 part pertinent sports discussion. The worst thing is the trash talk on here is supposedly amoung our own.


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      I agree, I stopped reading ValleyTalk over a year ago because all it was was people trash talking other people's cities and schools. This board was so much more sane and classy than VT, so I would only read this board. I just about wanted to vomit last night when I came on here after the game and the top two threads were one, a poor attempt at satire pointing out all the negative aspects of the Shockers' play, which I didn't find funny at all, and two, a profanity-laced thread about Mike Davis' character. Maybe I'm different but after a win like that last night, all I want to talk about is the positive aspects of the win. I don't know where some people on this board are coming from.


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        Maybe we need a Troll Bridge forum (aka Warzone) where people can go to dump the trash.


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          All I have to say is lols, internet.

          Just step away from it for awhile, that is what I had to do when the ridiculous got just a little too ridiculous.