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AAC All-Conference teams announced

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  • AAC All-Conference teams announced

    McDuffie 2nd team
    Dennis on the freshman team

    First Team All-Conference
    Shizz Alston, Jr., Temple
    Jarron Cumberland, Cincinnati *
    Corey Davis, Jr., Houston *
    Jeremiah Martin, Memphis *
    B.J. Taylor, UCF

    Second Team All-Conference
    Armoni Brooks, Houston
    Aubrey Dawkins, UCF
    Markis McDuffie, Wichita State
    Jahmal McMurray, SMU
    Quinton Rose, Temple

    Third Team All-Conference
    Jalen Adams, UConn
    David Collins, USF
    Tacko Fall, UCF
    DaQuan Jeffries, Tulsa
    Laquincy Rideau, USF

    All-Freshman Team
    Dexter Dennis, Wichita State
    Jayden Gardner, ECU *
    Tyler Harris, Memphis
    Nate Hinton, Houston *
    Alexis Yetna, USF *

    *unanimous selection

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    I wish the AAC (and they aren't alone) would list the class of the All-Conference teams. I'm sure some of you guys know this stuff by heart but I usually need a little help. But, hey, I did figure out that the All-Freshman Team were all freshman.

    Here is the list with classes included:

    First Team:
    Sr. Shizz Alston, Temple
    Sr. Corey Davis, Houston
    Sr. Jeremiah Martin, Memphis
    Sr. BJ Taylor, UCF
    Jr. Jarron Cumberland, Cincinnati (Will he be back or will the NBA come calling)

    Second Team:
    Sr. Markis McDuffie, Wichita State
    Sr. Jahmal Murray, SMU
    Jr. Armoni Brooks, Houston
    Jr. Aubrey Dawkins, UCF
    Jr. Quinton Rose, Temple

    Third Team:
    Sr. Jalen Adams, UConn
    Sr. Tacko Fall, UConn
    Sr. DaQuan Jeffries, Tulsa
    Jr. LaQuincy Rideau, USF
    So. David Collins, USF

    Recap: 9 seniors, 5 juniors and 1 sophomore.


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      You could probably argue Duff over BJ on first team, but that may be looking through black and yellow glasses. I think they pretty much got it right.


      • shockrah
        shockrah commented
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        (Insert BJ joke here)

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      Originally posted by bighouse View Post
      You could probably argue Duff over BJ on first team, but that may be looking through black and yellow glasses. I think they pretty much got it right.
      Yeah, I think that argument could be made. The fact that UCF tied for 3rd place and the Shocks finished 6th (although better than expectations) may have been the deciding factor.


      • bighouse
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        agree with that 100%

      • BOBB
        BOBB commented
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        Off the cuff I think Duff is a first teamer, but then I ask myself who do I take off that list? Maybe Taylor.Maybe. Now, how was Dennis not a unanimous selection? There is a travesty.

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      Burton should have been All-Freshman over Harris. Conference stats clearly favor JB. JB even had a better 3pt % during conference. Harris is known a 3pt shooter when in reality he's been a volume 3pt shooter during conference play. JB has better numbers across the board in conference play no matter the data - true stats, per 40, per 100, and advanced (double in win shares). The only exception is pp/g (7.8 vs 7.6), but TH attempted 2+ more fg/g.


      • shoxlax
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        This x1000.

      • ShockTalk
        ShockTalk commented
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        I would have put JB ahead of Hinton as well. Hinton had little overall impact on Houston's success, especially when you consider Burton's impact on WSU's success.

      • WSUwatcher
        WSUwatcher commented
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        Agreed, and the stats support your case, Hoosier. It looks as though there was a voting bias in favor of only one player per team from each school, however (the only exception being the two USF guys on the third team, which may have been a quirk of how the voting points worked out). That may have been especially true on the all-freshman list where only one "team" was named; and that bias may have been enough to keep Burton off the list.

        It may also have helped Harris that he's an obvious, high-end recruit PG, whereas Burton doesn't fit the stereotype (and may not necessarily always play that role in the future, whereas Harris always will because he can't do anything else).

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      Awesome to see so many Sr's on that list!


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        SHJ not on third team?


        • Shockm
          Shockm commented
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          Your attempt at humor was very disrespectful to a kid who has given his best to our program, Wichita State, and our city. No one here feels he deserves star status, but we don’t need to rub it in his face. He’s come a long way for a kid with severe strikes against him at a young age. I think he’s close to being on schedule to graduate and we all should wish him nothing but the best.

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        Originally posted by pinstripers View Post
        SHJ not on third team?
        SHJ is a complimentary player on a 6th place team. If he had shot 40% from 3, then we would have finished top 4 and MM would have been first team and he would have been 3rd team.

        He didn’t do that.
        Livin the dream


        • WstateU
          WstateU commented
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          I'm assuming pinstripers is being sarcastic; @KungWu, where's that sarcasm button?

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        I would have put Jaime on third team over Taco.


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          Nice to be in a conference where our players shouldn't be the entire first team.
          Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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            Just to top off the awards Jarron Cumberland of Cincinnati is the POY, Alexis Yetna of USF is the FOY and Kelvin Sampson is the COY. No real surprises there I guess..



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              2019 American Athletic Conference
              Individual Awards
              Defensive Player of the Year
              Laquincy Rideau, USF
              Sixth Man of the Year
              DeJon Jarreau, Houston
              Most Improved Players
              Josh Carlton, UConn
              Nate Pierre-Louis, Temple
              Sportsmanship Award
              Galen Robinson, Jr., Houston