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    Originally posted by Stickboy46 View Post

    I noticed that too after i posted. 4 SOS ... Just really odd to see a team with a .363 winning percentage that high.
    It's really hard to fall lower than they are when all of their games are hard games to win.


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      Kenpom 126
      RPI 89
      NET 116

      It seems the NET rewards winning on road and is closer to KenPom.

      Wsu Rpi is higher because of it schedule, not because of it quality wins or winning on road.

      Overall the NET seems to be better move, problem is the lack of transparency (what we think still is conjecture).


      • Maizerunner08
        Maizerunner08 commented
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        Would these numbers qualify us for any postseason play based on previous years? Obviously they won’t be same post AAC tournament...just curious.

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      Here is confirmation for the observation that double-digit wins are having a significant impact on the NET rating.

      Interesting that the NCAA is supposedly tweaking it as the season progresses.


      • Stickboy46
        Stickboy46 commented
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        They say it's not being tweaked but i doubt that's true. 1. There is no reason they can't tweak it. No one knows what it is, so they can't validate it. 2. The posting of the rankings have been sporadic. Yesterday they "updated" but not a single team changed spots (i think there might have been 2 teams that flip flopped). And now today they haven't updated again. Sure seems odd for what should be an automated process.

      • 1979Shocker
        1979Shocker commented
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        If I understood it right, a 20-point win against the best team in the country is worth the same as a 20-point win against the worst team in the country.

      • SB Shock
        SB Shock commented
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        NCAA did a interview with CBS sports just this week and they said they are not changing anything, but would look at it after the season.

        The ranking are updated every day.

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      Originally posted by SB Shock
      I don't understand the writers angst against margin of victory mattering.

      I'm pretty sure somebody got into Marshall ear his last year in the MVC and told him he could help his KenPom rating by not only winning, but winning big. It seemed he was trying for 15-20 points wins.
      I don't think the write was against margin of victory mattering, but the misguided amount of credit given to it and that was what was explained in the article.


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        Penn State will probably move into at large territory as soon as they finish off the Wolverines tonight. Up 11 with a shade over 2 minutes remaining.


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          Originally posted by ShockTalk View Post

          I don't think the write was against margin of victory mattering, but the misguided amount of credit given to it and that was what was explained in the article.
          How is it misguide amount? Kenpom will tell u that margin of victory is a indicator of how good a team is and he would argue that their should not be a cap.

          The fact is the writer has no clue how much credit the NET is giving anything - that lack of transparency is what the writer should be writing about. There should be a push the NCAA to release past year Net ratings (NCAA has them) and push them to release how,they weighting the different components.

          Nobody was complaining here about KenPom ranking WSU high in past years. WSU has in past year been ranked high because of their offensive and defensive efficiency and margin victory . All the NET is KenPomRPI.
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          • ShockTalk
            ShockTalk commented
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            I guess if I were a coach of a quality, experienced team that built a big lead against an obviously inferior team, I'd be playing some of my other players for experience and prevent unnecessary injury to my top players, thus, a 20 point win instead of a 35 point win. Teams also have injuries, players miss a few games, but come back. Those games "margins" may not tell the true story of a team at full strength. Too much (I'm assuming here) credit for margin of victory means good teams should keep the hammer down regardless of the score while lesser teams' players may just stop trying as hard or a coach may just player lesser players, again for experience, just because the game is already out of hand.

            Not saying margin shouldn't be used, but there's a lot of other things that can influence the margin that has little to do with the quality of either team.