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Wichita State vs Houston Pregame Thread

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  • Wichita State vs Houston Pregame Thread

    We'll let 3G start it off: Quotables: Pre-Houston

    ... Saturday's opponent, Houston:
    "They lost two seniors that were good. Davis and, obviously, the guard -- that was the key for them. They've got so many good players coming back, too. Corey Davis... from the time I laid eyes on him last year as a junior college transfer -- he's the prototypical winner. He drives it, plays defense, first on the floor, hits jump shots... tough. Galen Robinson is back at the point, and Armoni Brooks was a super-sub last year. I think I saw him make eight or 10 threes in a game as a sophomore. He's into the lineup. (Breaon) Brady was hurt one time when we played them last year. We saw him in the game at Houston -- really good post player. They had two kids sitting out -- Gresham and Jarreau -- who we really liked as high school kids. Went to UMass, transferred and sat out last year. Those guys are giving them tremendous depth. Just a great team, and the way they play -- they are so tough, they play the right way, they are strong, physical, they don't give you anything easy, and they really execute. I knew they were going to be a really good team. Tough couple of games coming up. Houston may be the best team we've played. Let's start there. Houston's quite a team. They are legit. This is what I am going to tell my team. Houston, if they stay healthy, is a second -- third weekend type team in the NCAA Tournament. They could go all the way. They could win it all. They've got that much talent and depth and coaching. We've got quite a challenge. Brand new arena. It'll be fun."

    Other topics covered during 3G's somewhat wide ranging weekly news conference:

    ...Cutting down on turnovers after 21 of them against Temple

    ...Dexter Dennis' uptick in production

    ...Dennis' offensive rebounding

    ...Progress from Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler

    ...guys like Ron Baker, Fred VanVleet and Landry Shamet making a name in the NBA

    ...on Jaime Echenique's importance to the team

    ...on how Teddy Allen is handling his redshirt year

    ...on if Teddy Allen is similar to any past players he has coached

    ...on how he restores confidence from the first-year players and balancing the minutes between them

    ...on having so many freshmen playing key minutes

    ...on what it's going to take to get Erik Stevenson back on track offensively

    ...on whether Stevenson's situation is similar to Dennis' earlier this year -- breaking out of a funk by being more aggressive

    ...on how to stop the "atomic bomb" (turnovers) that have plagued the Shockers recently
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    I would like to see Jaime not start unless he is 100%. No reason to play in a game where we might get blown out, if it is close then we put him in, but until then, Udeze/IPBC should suffice.


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      Originally posted by FadedCrown View Post
      I would like to see Jaime not start unless he is 100%. No reason to play in a game where we might get blown out, if it is close then we put him in, but until then, Udeze/IPBC should suffice.
      Can Mo go?


      • FadedCrown
        FadedCrown commented
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        What do you mean?

      • 1972Shocker
        1972Shocker commented
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        Mo Udeze has a bad shoulder that may be a problematic as Jaime's foot. On his radio show Monday I think it was 3G said he is likely heading for shoulder surgery in the off-season. His should has partially dislocated a couple of times previously but most recently totally popped out of the socket. So we have a 6-8, 250 lb Austin Reaves on our hands for now.

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      This one will probably be pretty ugly. This team is talented enough to beat Houston, just not experienced enough to do it, especially at their place. It'd have to be the perfect storm for us to win this one. Etch would have to play a high number of minutes, Erik and Ricky will need to find their offensive mojo, Dexter will need another solid game, turnovers kept to a minimum while getting steals, and the seniors would need to play under control, while everyone defends well. Just a bit beyond this teams ability to fire on all cylinders just yet, so don't get too discouraged.


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        2 things I would love to see: 1. Limit the turnovers to under 10. 2. Get some good looks for our freshman guards and see them hit some shots. That's it.

        If it's within 10 I would think that would be a big positive overall.


        • WuDrWu
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          Under 10? That's top 5 in the country on average. If we keep in under 15 I'll be stunned and frankly I don't know what we can do to affect it much. What we can do is eliminate the atomic bombs, but that's going to require an attention to detail and not relaxing and I don't think this team is there yet. Like most here, all I'm really looking for is progress. Get better. Get healthy. Success will come.

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        The game against Temple gives me hopes for the Houston game. Shox had some great stretches against Temple, and hopefully they realized they need to finish the game. I think every game is a learning opportunity for these guys, especially the losses. I don't think they can beat Houston down there, but hopefully we won't see the same kinds of mistakes that we saw against Temple.


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          66 to 65 WSU
          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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            It will be interesting to see how well we handle the mental aspect of a game where we know before the opening tipoff that it's entirely possible, maybe even probable, that we get blown out. Up until now, I feel like all our games were games we either thought we had a shot of winning or would be very competitive in a loss. This game, however, seems like one where the players should know they'll have to play their best game of the season for us to have a chance.

            So many of our blown leads have come by way of us getting too damn relaxed and not playing hard for the full game. I would like to think that no player will feel that way in this game.
            The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.


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              If Houston had beaten Temple, this would have been a good spot for a trap game. I suspect the Cougars come out with fire in their eyes.


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                Oh, Evansville, oh Evansville we long to hear you... time to release our inner Evansville.

                "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


                • shoxrox89
                  shoxrox89 commented
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                  I never thought I would see the day in my life when we would want to be Evansville

                • WstateU
                  WstateU commented
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                  It’s not that we want to “be Evansville”, we just want to “Evansville” somebody...

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                Is Etch gonna try to go?


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                  Just as I didn't like catching Temple after a tough loss I sure don't like getting Houston after a
                  tough loss. Quite simply they are a better TEAM than us. They are better even when we have a
                  healthy JE but both JE and MU remain question marks. Expect to lose this one but, as always, I
                  watch every minute looking for players that play hard on BOTH ends of the court not just the ones
                  that are just looking to score points. HAVE to take care of the ball so I'll be focusing on ball
                  handling, court awareness and crisp passing. Can't get down too far too early but it could happen.
                  Houston 78 - 63


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                    I’d love to see us cut down on the turnovers and improve dribble drive defense. Other than that play just play hard and smart for 40 minutes and I can live with the results.


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                    RH: Poor Bear-Chandler Steps Up

                    "I had a long talk with my parents," he said. "They were telling me I wasn't playing like I usually do. I had to change. One big change was I had to get in the gym more."

                    That chat appears to be paying off for Poor Bear-Chandler and the Shockers..

                    On Sunday, Poor Bear-Chandler, from Omaha with a stop at Sunrise Christian Academy, scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds in a loss to Temple. He also scored 12 points, his season high, at Memphis last week. For the week, he made 10 of 14 shots and all four of his foul shots while playing 20-plus minutes in both games.
                    Big challenge for Poor Bear and his teammates on Saturday. I think if Poor Bear can pass this challenge we will have proven he can do the job at this level. His next challenge will be to learn to bring his best effort every day. There certainly appears to be some major upside with Poor Bear if you can draw it out of him.

                    BTW, thanks Mom and Dad PB-C.


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                      • N Crestway
                        N Crestway commented
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                        Going to be fun for Houston fans to get WSU in an off year...sure they're expecting a blow out.