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  • Houston Roll Call

    Sorry to add yet another thread, but just trying to get an idea who is making the trek to Houston. Will be my first true road game (I don't really count the OU games), and I'm interested to see what kind of environment UH has.

    3 of us are leaving Wichita Friday morning. We are planning on going to the alumni gathering at the sports bar on campus before the game. We are sitting in either 106 or 107 (cant remember off the top of my head), pretty close to the visitor bench.

    Anybody else going?

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    I've got four of us, Level 100, Sect 115, Row 1, Seats 1-4. I'll be wearing yellow. Can you get me address or name of sports bar so we can atttend?
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      Here is the info from the alumni association.


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        I'll be there with 3 friends. I know of at least 4-5 alums in Houston that are bringing their family/friends, so that will be around 20 people. Thanks for the pregame info.


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          Looks like if you want to pre-register for the pre game get together, they quit taking reservations today, just fyi.

          To access this online, go to


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            make sure you catch the chicken n waffles at the breakfast klub on travis.. definitely worth the wait.. so good it woulda made a young abdullah consider suiting up for isis.