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    More Tyson:

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    Noah Fernandes’ Woodstock Prep team has eight D1 signees.


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      More Tyson!


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        DeAntoni Gordon!


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          Love the information but isn't there a recruiting section for this?


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            Originally posted by MikeKennedyRulZ View Post
            Love the information but isn't there a recruiting section for this?
            They already signed. As far as I’m concerned recruiting info threads are for potential recruits which is Shocks02 domain.

            However it makes no difference to me


            • RoyalShock
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              I don't mind having updates on signed recruits in the basketball forum.

            • 1972Shocker
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              Agreed. I think this is where this belongs and you don't have to wade through nearly as much stuff to stay up-to-date on guys who have signed on the dotted line and will be here next year. Technically, they are no longer recruits.
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            • homegrownshocker
              homegrownshocker commented
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              Love the updates and appreciate any information you can share. Really like all three signees. The point guard prospects are playing on the top ranked prep teams in the country! Winning is habit forming.

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            A lot of posters are including Etienne in the mix for PG next year. I did the same some time ago.

            Etienne is playing SG this year. The PG on his team is a 3* 2020 player. Scouting services list Etienne as a 6'1" combo guard. The fact that he's not playing PG this year, and the fact that the PG on his ream is 6'2" leads me to believe he's better suited at SG than PG, but "can play" PG.

            The track record of CG's who "can play" PG at WSU is not good. Many have been recruited and signed. Most have transferred. One, Shamet, actually could play PG. He left early for the NBA where he plays SG.

            The way things stand right now, there will be one PG on the team next year and 2 guys (probably Burton and Etienne) who "can play" PG.
            The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
            We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


            • Stickboy46
              Stickboy46 commented
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              Torres and Fernandez are both PGs. At least from what I understand.

            • RoyalShock
              RoyalShock commented
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              According to Rivals recruiting analyst Corey Evans, Fernandez is a "Top-25 pg prospect in the 2019 class".
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            • Topshock
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              Your point is good but it could also be that the guy playing PG on Etienne's team can't play shooting guard and they want to get both players on the floor.

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              Our shockers have had a number of great guards since coach Marshall has led our program. We should all know that they come in different sizes and styles. Toure Murray could run the offense and fill out all of the stat sheet. Joe Ragland stats were fantastic and he was a great distributor, driver, and shooter. Malcom Armstead led us to the final four and was outstanding his senior year (great defender, tough as nails, good driver, fair 3 point shooter). Fred VanVleet team leader, great pick and roll, good shooter, and excellent defender. Ron Baker was a different type of point but effective when he played that roll.

              Leads me to Tyson Etienne and his skill set. He is very quick and strong which can help him be an excellent on ball defender as well as sure ball handler. Has an good 3 point shot and leads his team often in scoring, according to the updates ( on the No. 1 ranked prep team in the country). He appears to have a good head on his shoulders and the intelligence that should make running a complicated system offensively a given Seems like he could be a combination of R. Baker/F. VanVleet. Skill set is there to play either guard spot in college..

              We could use a lock down defender to lead our man to man defense. Our current players are working hard to meet the two way prowess of those that came before them. The point position is crucial to our system and success (my opinion).


              • pie n eye
                pie n eye commented
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                I’ll add Clevin Hannah to the list of talented guards who led the Shockers through the years.

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              ...and don't forget that one guy who plays for the 76'ers.
              FINAL FOURS:
              1965, 2013

              NCAA Tournament:
              1964, 1965, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

              NIT Champs - 1 (2011)

              AP Poll History of Wichita State:
              Number of Times Ranked: 157
              Number of Times Ranked #1: 1
              Number of Times Top 5: 32 (Most Recent - 2017)
              Number of Times Top 10: 73 (Most Recent - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)

              Highest Recent AP Ranking:
              #3 - Dec. 2017
              #2 ~ March 2014

              Highest Recent Coaches Poll Ranking:
              #2 ~ March 2014
              Finished 2013 Season #4


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                From yesterday:

                LEFLORE 59, FAITH ACADEMY 47eAntoni Gordon led the Class 5A No. 5 Ratters with 21 points and Tyler Lang had 13. Caullin Lacey led Faith with 18.


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                  Interesting article on Tyson and Noah and the rivalry that isn’t:



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                    Nice piece about Noah’s coach:



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                      Just to have commits' rankings in one place.

                      Current Wichita State commits:

                      All rankings

                      Tyson Etienne - 6'1" PG - ★★★★ (123rd National, 19th Position)

                      Noah Fernandes - 6'0" PG - ★★★ (UR National, 25th Position)

                      DeAntoni Gordon - 6'8" PF - ★★★ (UR National, 37th Position)

                      Wichita State's class is ranked 55th in the country as of 1/24. Just behind Iowa at 54th and just above UCLA at 56th along with Cal at 57th.


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                        So how do we think Etienne stacks up compared to Lomax? Is he the “pure PG” to Fernandes “combo guard” or do I have that flipped?


                        • FadedCrown
                          FadedCrown commented
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                          Alex Lomax is a true PG and he is 5'10". Tyson is 6'1", looks like he can play both, but with him being only 6'1", I'd like to see him manning the point.

                        • WSUwatcher
                          WSUwatcher commented
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                          I believe you have it reversed, pie. From what I've read, Fernandes is a "pure PG" (and taller than Lomax, although not as sturdily built); Etienne is a combo guy who plays a lot of PG and does it pretty well.