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Army vs Navy football game 2019

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  • Army vs Navy football game 2019

    I wasn't sure where to put this since we don't have football. And I will not be offended if the moderator moves it.But Navy is a part of our conference and our basketball team just visited their campus three weeks ago. Their posters on their message board said they would be our football team when we joined the conference. Our Coach Marshall, players, and assistants were really impressed with their discpline, character and commitment. The first Army vs Navy game I watched was when President John Kennedy attended and I believe the Navy quaterback was Roger Starback. It was a great game.

    In closing if one of you that have skills could pull up the pregame video by CBS of the 2017 game I think you would be inspired. It's an outstanding video. (I would do it but I simply do not have the skills) You will know that you have the right video if you hear this quote " It's the only game where those that are playing are willing to die for those that are watching. Go Shocks. Go Navy beat Army.

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    "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


    • im4wsu
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      Thanks for posting this.

    • shockfan89_
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      Wow! Awesome video. Thanks for posting!

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    I have nothing but the greatest respect for the Navy, the Naval Academy, and every man and woman in the Navy from the highest ranking Naval Officer to the lowest ranking Navy Swabbie.

    That being said, Go Army - this is your year.


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      • WuDrWu
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        Those Army unis are sic.

      • rrshock
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        I have to agree. Navy's aren't bad either. This is the one college football game I actually like to watch.

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      The Big Red 1 uniforms honoring the 1st Infantry Division are pretty badass but I still love the ones where they represented my 82nd Airborne a couple years back, which just so happens to be the year they broke Navy's 14 year win streak.

      Image result for army 82nd airborne football uniform

      No offense to our conference mates, and all of the great sailors and devil dogs out there, but Go Army! Beat Navy!

      It's so great to see both teams have the success they have had recently. I think a lot of people don't truly appreciate how much more challenging it is for our military academies to achieve great success and break into the top 25. They have an insane amount of obligations that extend beyond sports than the average student, that don't allow them train like other student athletes. The height and weight standards really prevent them from recruiting the 300 pound lineman, not to mention the academic standards are damn near Ivy League level.


      • TheShocktocles
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        Those are some good looking uniforms for Army. Still, Go Navy beat Army.

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