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What Kind of Impact Will This Have on the Koch Arena Atmoshere

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    Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
    I can see that my attempt at a little fart humor failed miserably. I have to fire my writer who came up with that one.
    Perhaps your attempt was a little too "clouded". Probably mentioning the impact that a hurriedly consumed bean burrito during shoot around might have on the surrounding area would have done the trick.

    BTW, if you're the person who has consumed that bean burrito, this would be a good time to start practicing your aggravated looks to the left and right with a disapproving look on your face. Then say, "Do you smell that". You're going to need to be convincing. This requires either some practice or a degree in Theater or Performing (f)Arts.
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      Come on now, don't forget the old axiom, "He who smelt it, dealt it!"

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    There's this really great product that helps get the blood stains out called Chipotlaway. It's mainly for Chipotle diners but I'm sure it's awesome cleaning powers will work for Qdoba as well.


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        A reduction of oxygen replaced with trace amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. - A Wichita State Basketball Blog


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          WSU is doing this, while conference foes are doing $60M to $80M+ renovations.

          Time to start thinking bigger.
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