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Update on Chadrack Lufile and his mom!

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  • Update on Chadrack Lufile and his mom!

    Shocker Nation,

    My name is David Parfitt, and I'm an independent filmmaker based in Chicago. I recently covered a basketball team comprised of G-League and international players playing against national teams in Suzhou, China. One player that really resonated with me was CJ Lufile. I'm creating a documentary with all the footage we attained, and CJ's is going to be one of the main characters.

    We're hoping to be done editing by next summer, but in the meantime, I put together some of CJ's interview in hopes of bolstering his GoFundMe page.

    The whole Lufile family is still in tremendous need of help. His mom is still not able to work, his dad doesn't make much money as a pastor, they have five kids, and the medical expenses to keep his mom comfortable are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    CJ is living at home currently to help his parents out but is actively pursuing a contract on a team overseas.

    So please share this video and his GoFundMe page as much as you can! Let's help out a Shocker great!

    Here again is a link to the GoFundMe page:

    Thank you again!

    David Parfitt

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    I sincerely hope Wichita can get that ring back to him someday. Yet another example of the quality young men that 3G brings into his program to represent the University and Wichita. Our prayers are with you and your family CJ.


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      At least glad the ring is still with Shocker Nation