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One-on-One with Maurice Evans

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  • One-on-One with Maurice Evans

    Thanks to Maurice, and his recent contributions to the Magic, the SHOCKs are getting some second hand publicity in Florida.

    If this is published in the Eagle, I apologize. Did not see any mention of it on

    Dec 12 interview in Daytona Beach News Journal - I took the liberty to condense the quarter page interview to only pertinent points.

    Q: You've been around the NBA, what's the toughest part being traded in mid-season?

    M: Getting settled in one place. Moving to a new location. We've been living in a motel in Orlando. Joining a team that has a lot of momentum and trying not to destroy the chemistry, while at the same time trying to help them.

    Q: Not being drafted out of college, would you say you appreciate being in the NBA more than, say, a lottery pick?

    M: Yes. I left Wichita State early, and I was projected to go between 15 and 25 in the first round. It wasn't a miscalculation, it was just, for whatever reason, I didn't get drafted. And I wasn't bitter about it because I knew my talents would shine through, which they did. This is my seventh year as a pro, and it's a blessing.

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    Here's a link

    A side note, the "Wichita State" in the second answer was in parentheses, so that was a mistake on the writer's part.


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      He did play for Wichita St twice as long as he played at UT.