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Home Court Advantage?

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  • Home Court Advantage?

    Just curious. We have spent a lot of time discussing how difficult it is for opposing teams to play at Koch and how effective the noise level is in winning at home.

    But just how effective has it been? What percentage of our home games have we won say since the start of the Turgeon years up to the present time, not counting exhibition games?

    It would be interesting to see:

    1. Percentage of wins in total games played at Koch against all opponents.

    2. Percentage of wins in games in which we were favored.

    3. Percentage of wins in games in which we were the underdog.

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    personally, i never really think home court makes a world of difference, unless your a division 2 school playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium
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      Ask the Shocker teams just before the Turgeon era if home court made a difference. The pattern was: Win a number of valley games at home and lose every single one on the road.


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        Home teams win 60% of games.


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          WSU since the 2001-02 season is 63-18 (78%)

          WSU historically is 554-198 (74%)

          It would be nice to get back to the 1979-84 (92%) or 1986-89 (90%) periods where WSU dominated at home.

          I can see WSU getting back to that level (domination) under Marshall. He's building a program that is going to take the next step of sustained success.


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            Or the next level of 3-point baskets attempted!!1 ;-) j/k




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              Thanks for the stat, SB.