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    It has been well chronicled that the Shocks will have their ups and downs this Season. Last night, we had the 4 point lead, but we came down at the end and could not seem to even get off a shot. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought our 3 point shooting at home would be so ice cold. We should have won this game, but never fear, this team will become more seasoned as the Season continues and pick up some wins along the way that will be deemed unlikely too.

    Will EO arrive? Even if not, out inside game is developing and could have been more utilized last night in hindsight. We seem thinner at the guard position then I first thought we would be. Will Bret M. or GH develop where they can be called on more? Will PJ end up playing more 2 as the year wears on?

    Hopefully, before the Valley begins, AE, MG, and WP find their niche and continue to develop into solid players for our needed depth. MG has the tools but just needs to develop a positive mean-eye-of-the-tiger- streak. AE will be a fine player as the years go by. And we must never forget AB could still get his groove on and contribute. Durley is a serious keeper and will continue to be a big plus for us.

    Yes, we will have some rocky times along the way. However, before we start yelling---"Adrian" too loud, we have to remember that this team could still be special towards the end of the Year when it really counts. I still think we will win the Valley Tourney. Heaven knows it has to be our turn. If we can muster out a win versus, Mo.KC and LSU, that would ease the pain on the game last night that slipped through our fingers.

    Growing Pains. It can be painful, but sometimes this Season---it will also hurt soooooo good. Sit back---don't try to relax because you won't---but let's enjoy the ride. This is Shocker Country!!! We have the ideal Coach who will right this ship. That just takes time!!!!!!!
    Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.

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    I think that bret m would have been alot farther along had he not got a concusion in practice and maybe could have been able to run a little point last nite.
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      i'm not worried! I see many things I like. Inconsistent we are but that is to be expexted at this point. Strong D and more athletes means good times ahead! osterwu: 8)
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        Originally posted by ShockerNut2305
        I think that bret m would have been alot farther along had he not got a concusion in practice and maybe could have been able to run a little point last nite.
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          Exactly. Ups and downs it is. As bad as things looked last night, we were in the game and could've won it. It wasn't anything close to a blowout. They shot ok, so our defense was at least somewhat effective.

          No need to have a heart attack. Frustrated? You bet. Part of the 'deal' of a new coach and players adapting to a new system? Yep. Will we shoot this poorly every game or even most games? Not likely.

          Who's next? UMKC? Look at it this way, we have a good week to think about how bad it feels to lose one at home before having to play again. Maybe that will spark something in them.


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            FSF just had to watch the game last night just now on Shocker Vision, wishing I could go back to the future and change so many little things that could have sealed the deal in a 1 point loss.

            Obviously, our defense is still ahead of our offense. After we started the 2nd half making 2-treys, we were something like 1-18 the rest of the game on 3 pointers. We actually shot the ball good from 2 point range and horrendous from 3,-----but yet we just were more then willing to settle for oodles of clanks from 3-land. WP, MG, MB, and JT were 0 for 14 collectively from the 3 last night.

            When MB was out with some foul issues the 1st half, we actually gained some ground which was a positive development. PJ was the catalyst last night and I would have liked to see the ball in his hands the last 2 plays we did not even get off a shot. PT came out with 4 fouls and never returned. He was somewhat flat last night.

            If and when EO gets here, it will better shore up our overall depth. PJ may then play more 2. We still need AE, MG, and WP to get more on track and I think they will by Valley time. It is not impossible we will still get 21-22 wins. We need to get a big surprise win to offset a loss last night that should have never occured. The ball just seem to bounce their way and we suffered our 1st loss at Home sweet home. Now somebody down-stream has to pay.
            Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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              Don't worry about Bret. When he gets healthy and gets a bit of time in the system, he'll be great. This concussion though will set him back a bunch though...
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                We grew as a team tonight. Our Defense was in the passing lanes and I loved that 2-3 zone. We are not tall, but if we can out rebound a tall team like this---then that is more then the basketball god's helping us and the ball bouncing our way. What really excites me is watching our depth develop. MG, AE, WP, RC, and Durley followed the lead of their Senior leaders. This Season will be fun and we have just began yto fight. Tonight, I really loved our inside game. Wow!!!!!!!
                Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.