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Practice Notes 9/15/07

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  • Practice Notes 9/15/07

    Saturday's practice included a six inning scrimmage between the veterans and for the most part the newcomers. Pitching rotation was 3 innings, 2 innings, and 1 inning. Game time temperature was in the 60's.

    Pitching for the veterans were Matt Smith, Justin Kemp, and Clint McKeever. Pitching for the newcomers-Cameron Maldonado and Remingtion Johnson--the veterans were the home team and won 5-0 by my tally so only two pitchers used by the newcomers.

    Matt Smith pitched well with 4 K's and faced 13 hitters in three innings. Justin Kemp faced only 7 hitters in two innings giving up 1 single. Clint faced 4 hitters-giving up a single and 3 infield ground outs.

    Cameron Maldonado was roughed up--giving up all 5 runs in his first inning. Remingtion Johnson was outstanding on Saturday facing the minimum 6 hitters in two innings with 2 infield ground outs and 4 fly outs.

    The newcomers game roster and batting order was Kevin Hall CF, Kyle Sisney 2B, Cody Lassley C, Ryan Engrav DH/1B, Remington Johnson 1B/P, Harry D LF/SS, Grant Muncrief 3B, Mitch Caster RF, and Taylor Brown SS/LF. I recorded 4 singles by the newcomers--Sisney, Lassley, Engrav, and Muncrief. However I missed Muncrief's first AB and I am not sure how he reached base.

    The veterans batted around the first inning with the inning ending when Gene overruled the player/umpire call for a double play. Andy Dirks greeted Maldonao with a triple to right field and Ryan Jones followed up with a double to CF. Maldonado then walked Workmen and Gillaspie and T. Weber drove a mistake into the LF bleachers. Cameron settled down his next two innings but the damage was done. Roberto Rios subbded in for the veterans and popped up to second base for his only AB.

    Kenny Williams played RF and reached on an error and struck out in his only two ABs. He did commit an error which prolonged Matt Smith's second inning. I add this only for those who are interested in Kenny's progress.

    Noah Booth stopped by with his bride. He looked trim and indicated he really enjoyed his first season in minor league ball. He played against former teammates Damon, Brownie, Kyle Touchatt and Noah Krol in the NY-Penn league.

    General comments--plenty of speed by the newcomers but appear to be overwhelmed by D1 pitching and competition. Justin Kemp appeared very confident and composed. Personally I am liking Grant Muncrief's approach to the game after two observations. Obviously, there are many other opportunities for players to prove themselves other than on a Saturday.

    Again I apologize for any mis-naming or misspelling. Until I have a roster in hand I will continue to struggle getting names with faces and correct spellings.


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    Remington Johnson

    Thx for the input on Sat's scrimmage. I recognize all of the names who participated except that of Remington Johnson. He must be a walk-on. Comments?


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      Someone please share more information on Remington Johnson. What I have heard is he is a walk-on from Goddard and played in the KABC All Stars baseball games this past summer.

      Sorry for the limited info. I will try to catch Tyler Weber next time I attend practice/scrimmage to see what he can share.



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        Thanks for the write-up.