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RPI (4/7/8)

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  • RPI (4/7/8)

    WSU started last week at approximately at 38. After Wichita State goes 4-1, their RPI rises to 28.

    Top 50: 4-3
    Top 51-100: 2-1
    Top 101-200: 10-0
    Top 200+: 5-0

    MVC Ranked 16

    RPI of This week opponents:

    KSU 76
    OU 38
    CUx3 118

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    Great chance to see the rpi rise through playing the competition this week.


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      BIG week this week. Need at least 4 of them.


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        The weather forecast doesn't look too good for the mid-week games.


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          Originally posted by KC Shox
          The weather forecast doesn't look too good for the mid-week games.

          This has been the worst year I can remember as far as the weather goes. I swear this past weekend was the first day we played when it was warm (cold on Friday night but warmed up Saturday). Plus it's been raining like crazy.

          It's beautiful right now though. Going to head down to Ladyback Yard and watch some softball in about an hour. 8)


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            What matters most in the RPI calculation is the opponent's record, not their rank (which is irrelevant in the sense that it isn't part of the RPI calculation). Thus, the game against K-State, which is at .500 right now, won't help much, although it's definitely a good idea to win it rather than lose.

            On the other hand, OU will come into the game 22-10 (.688), so that's a good team to play, and their good rank is useful in that beating them would add another top 50 win, which is something the selectors do consider. And Creighton -- despite having the lowest rank of the three, which will probably fall some more as they play three games against Dakota teams -- has the best record of the bunch (currently 20-8, or .714), which makes them a very good team to play for an RPI boost. But they'll also be a better team to play if the Shocks handle them at least two of three.