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Ndsu games 2 and 3

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  • Ndsu games 2 and 3

    Live from eck as always!

    scored in the first even after rj doubled up with dirks.

    conor hit, got to 3rd on a wp, coleman walked and tweb drove conor home. see my pic at

    workman, who let the first ndsu batter on with an Error, struck out.

    shox 1 to ndsu 0 after 1

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    top 2nd a.s. got 1 out and walked 3 straight

    full count



    grounder to coleman, flip to workman

    stuck in glove!

    gets it away and double play shox! we get out of the jam with no damage.


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      2 strikeouts and kwj flies out

      shox 1 ndsu 0 after 2


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        fyi: confirmed free wifi at the eck ( at least in sec E )


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          leadoff double for ndsu followed by a single followed by a fielders choice that got the lead followed by another solid base hit

          runners at first and second 1 out and we get a fly out for #2

          AS walks the same guy who he started with the walks last inning

          bases loaded 2 outs.


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            :-x It is time to awaken the Mighty Wu ! :-x
            Semper Wu !!!


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              and strike 3 and he gets out of a bases loaded jam




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                Cmon boys, lets get the bats started.


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                  music on the pa
                  "everything's gonna be alright, alright"


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                    Why is the guy who went 4/5 yesterday bunting.... twice.

                    Gillaspie with a GRD, which robbed him of a triple and an RBI and provides Coleman with an opportunity to put a couple on him.

                    Coleman sac fly scores Dirks.....2-1.


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                      dirks gets a leadoff hit (mk says over .500 when leading off)

                      rj pops out bunting

                      conor gets robbed of an rbi by a ground rule dbl that was an easy tripple, dirks was half way home when it bounced the fence

                      coleman steals that rbi with a sac fly

                      tweb up with 2 outs, conor at second and ahead in the count 1 to 0

                      conor darn near got picked but gets to third on a wp

                      tweb walks
                      workman up


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                        workman hits a big high bouncer that just barely got tweb at second

                        ps how many shockers are in the pizza hut HoF? someone look that up for me please.


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                          AS decides to let the defense play and gets 2 pop ups and a strike out

                          I have him at 75 after pitching 4

                          after 3.5 shox 2 ndsu 1


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                            our 7 8 9 guys went down in order in the 2nd and 4th so maybe we can get a run again in the 5th

                            after 4

                            2 to 1


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                              strike out
                              ground out
                              long single to right and ndsu has runners at the corners

                              AS has to be done as he is over 105 and still throwing