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games today in normal (hopefully)

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  • games today in normal (hopefully)

    I plan on driving down from Madison, WI with my son to catch at least the last game of the double header. Any ideas on the probability of the games being played. surely brownlee will not cancel two days in a row, will he?

    PS What is the number for the knss call in show? I might give a call and be sure the games are on.


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    According to party cloudy all day, only 10% chance of precipt in forecast, but temps will struggle to reach 31.

    good call brownlee, you dorque. at least Shox are not pantywastes unaccustomed to THOSE conditions!

    knss callin number 436-1330; other line is 685-2121.
    Omaha Dreamin'


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      I watched the tarp come off the field at about 8:00 am. The field is being prepared. Current temp is 32 with north winds at about 12 mph. Temp at 1:00 is estimated to be 38. The north wind blows out to right.


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        Thanks for all the info, sounds like we are going to freeze our bazookas off Anyone know if the redbirds games are broadcast on the radio? Might try to listen to part of the first game as we drive in.

        See y'all there!

        go shox!


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          Where is the pre game? Is the game going to be delayed?
          First a Baseball fan then a Volleyball fan and then I guess I follow the basketball team.


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            I am guessing that there will be no pregame today. Last time we had a double header, there was no pregame since KNSS had programing all set.


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              beats me! keep checking radio/paper, etc. maybe brownlee doesn't like to play on days ending in "y"
              Omaha Dreamin'


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                I'm getting two feeds of audio on ... I'm in KC so no KNSS for me. Anyone getting the same thing?


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                  Here we go radio is on.


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                    KNSS just starting.


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                      McKeever in at DH today


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                        Ok, how about we make this the game day thread?

                        Tie game. They got theirs on a wind blown double + bunt + wild pitch *

                        We got ours on a Tweb long ball.

                        * The batter then hit a long fly ball so the runner would have scored. But I like the WP score better since it apparently got Tweb fired up to hit a HR. I guess he took missing that pitch personal.


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                          Also someone help me fill in what happened in the first. Andy got on and then they said RJ hit into a fielder's choice. It sounded like Andy got out at 2nd and RJ got to first. My feed cut out and it sounded like we got another person on and another out, and then got caught on a double steel.

                          MK keeps saying it was Dirks that got called out on 3rd but that makes no sense from what I heard.

                          E: In fact he just said RJ, who hit a double his second time, reached on a fielder's choice. That means dirks was out and MK is losing it in the cold.


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                            Finally, I'm going to be away for a lot of the game(s) today. Can someone PLEASE update this thread? I can easily refresh this on my phone and keep myself up to date.

                            I know, I am a horrible fan


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                              Nice long ball Andy, 2 run shot!

                              Shox 3-1