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  • ShockerVision

    I just bought the spring package of ShockerVision for $24.95.
    It includes all of the home baseball games.
    I think it's a pretty good deal for out of towners, but I guess we'll see.

    Has anyone done this in the past?
    Does it actually work well??

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    I have been using it to keep track of Aaron since he started pitching at WSU. It has gotten better each year. I watched yesterday's game on it (and when I saw all the fans bundled up and the howling winds I was glad I was watching on the Internet instead of sitting in the stands). They use the radio feed so yesterday had to "listien" on the Internet as it was an Internet broadcast only. It meant I was "seeing" what happened several minutes before hearing it. However, the quality of the camera work is good. They shoot from several angles and do a better than average job of keeping the action on the screen.

    It has been a great way to follow a former student (and it has turned me into not just an Shafer fan but a fan of all the young men on the team).


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      MsH: If you use winamp to listen to the shoutcast internet feed, you can go into the plugin settings in winamp and up the buffer. When I listen to shocker radio it is at most 30 seconds behind, not the normal 4-5 minutes.


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        Thanks! I will try that this afternoon.