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  • Thoughts from Media Day

    Some players have "it." In totally different ways, two guys that I interviewed today certainly made impressions on me. First, Aaron Shafer, who is 6'4, throws over 90 MPH, the ace of the staff, and about as nice and modest of a guy you will find. He's very relaxed, likes to laugh a lot, and I'm sure has a calming effect on this team. His interview was very good and will air during Monday's "Gene Stephenson Show."
    I also interviewed Conor Gillespie, a career .338 hitter who actually APOLOGIZED to the fans for his effort so far as a Shocker! I couldn't believe it! He said he feels like he put forth about 50% effort last season, and that this year will be different. He thinks he can hit .500! He was the MVP of the Cape Cod League, as most of you know...what you might not know is that he hit nearly .500 this summer against pitching he called "100 times better" than what he will see at WSU. His attitude was unlike nothing I've ever seen...confident, yet embarrassed by his career to this point...and determined. He's destined for stardom in my opinion! By the way, the Gene Stephenson Show will air from 4:30p to 6:30p Monday from "The Shadow." Please feel free to join us LIVE for the show, or to call in your questions for Gene! I have a feeling about this team...

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    If you meet and converse with Aaron Shafer's dad you can understand what makes Aaron tick. I spent some time talking with Mr. Shafer during a rain delay (one of many) during last year's MVC tournament in Springfield. He is as affable and humble a person as you will ever meet. Good stock there, IMO.

    I've never met Conor, but have heard stories ... Conor has probably been his own worst enemy during his first 2 seasons here. He just needs to get to a point where he understands how to put past failure behind him and get ready for his next chance. He's good enough to wreak havoc and cause teams to make mistakes to him and vs. other guys in the lineup. Probably the best Shocker hitter since Jeff Ryan.

    I have that same feeling about this team - they sniffed the big time last season and should be hungry to advance.

    Chris -- good luck on your show.

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      Cape Cod is legit...hope he comes through this year


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        Wasn't there some story that Conor would jump the fence at eck to get to the cages because it was so late. Or he was there so late he had to climb the fence to get out. IIRC. He definitely has the old school shocker attitude that even 110% isn't good enough and that he will do whatever it takes to win.


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          Q & A with Aaron Shafer from Shockwaves.