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  • Punch pass

    Has anyone heard or seen the punch pass ticket being sold this year, usually you can buy a pass that has so many punches on it and you can use any number of punches per game. I have not seen that option on any of the ticket info for this year! osterwu:

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    I am fairly certain they eliminated those passes last season. I usually get 4-8 of those every year but last year....none.

    Too bad....another marketing snafu, imho, in regards to baseball.


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      IIRC, the punch pass was the same price or more expensive than buying individual tickets for the same amount of games. I think I saw the price on the brochure sent out by the ticket office for season ticket purchases. I could have dreamt this also.


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        It is available, per the ticket mailer that came out. But AG is correct, there is no benefit to buying it, which I think is stupid.

        If GA is $7 (too high IMHO, should be $5), then the punch pass should be for, say, 25 punches for $125 or $150. I'll bet if they were to track how many unused punches were left on the "discounted" punch cards, they still come out ahead. Heck, sell 'em at $100 and you would have a lot of people buy them just for the convenience. How about a season GA card? You wouldn't be able to use it for a bunch of people for one game like the punch pass, but how many of those would sell if reasonably priced?
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          Could not agree more's not as if space is at a premium on 99% of game days anyway.


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            If they are the same price as GA then that is probably why I did not buy one the last couple of years. I just know the way it was a few years back was discounted slightly. I used to go in half ($60, i believe) and share it with a buddy! They need to get something like that back!


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              punch pass

              they are still available. I had my company buy some to take customers to games.they are easy in that, you can take people and if someone doesn't show you haven't wasted a seat. We usually have them on the hill, with beverages and food.