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CSTV project Shox host again in 2008 regional pairings.

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  • CSTV project Shox host again in 2008 regional pairings.'s Regional Projections – Preseason Edition

    Shox # 1 at home, BJ's # 3 in Austin.
    Let's hope he can hit a D-1 Curve ball!

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    Boy, that would be a tough regional. Personally, I think that Missouri will win the Big 12 this season and will be a strong #1 seed and if they do win the Big 12 they will probably be a top 8 seed. Gotta love the early season projections though, only 11 days until first pitch!!!


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      Hopefully this is an accurate projection

      Go Shocks!!!!
      “Losers Average Losers.” ― Paul Tudor Jones


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        I believe Mizzou will be the program that separates itself above the rest in the Big 12 this year. It will be a down year in that conference (but as I write this, I'm thinking we'll probably split with KSU and KU which seems to be the norm the past years), Texas has too many questions with their starting pitching. But the old soggy burrito has many tricks up his sleeve. Mizzou's 1-2 pitching punch is perfect for a regional.

        We all know our past problems with ORU so this would definitely be a tough regional.


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          Somehow, WSU has to find a way to playing itself into a national seed.


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            Mizzou should have two pitchers--well at least one drafted in the top 10.


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              Originally posted by lawmaker
              Mizzou should have two pitchers--well at least one drafted in the top 10.
              I know this off subject, But LAW that is one hilarious avatar. Family Photo???


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                The next one of these projections to come true will probably be the first, but it would be more than a little interesting to see WSU play Texas in a super regional. A coaching matchup of Gene vs. Augie would be a great story line, and unfortunately this is one of the few ways it would happen, with the Texas athletic department having long ago placed Augie's pair -- much like what Rush often says about Hillary and Bill -- in a lockbox when it comes to playing WSU other than exclusively in Austin.

                Of course, given the recent regional history of the Horns, this projection could also have Creighton coming to the Eck for a super. Now that would be entertaining.

                By the way, the Shocks have never lost to Texas in post-season play.