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Joe Carter and Darren Dreifort on College BaseballHOF ballot

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  • Joe Carter and Darren Dreifort on College BaseballHOF ballot

    If any of the SN statiscal guru's could get Boyd information on these Shockers it would help their case.

    Hall of Fame Voter Needs Data; Feed Me, Please

    Publication Date: February 4, 2008

    I've been asked, although I'm unclear on how I came to deserve such a serious honor, to be one of the voters for this year's class for the College Baseball Hall of Fame. Modesty aside, I probably do know (or know how to look up) about as much as most folks do on the candidates' careers, but the problem is that nobody knows all that much, at least at the level needed to differentiate between a good-looking field like this.

    What I need from you, good readers, is information about any of the candidates that you're familiar with. I am who I am, so I'm most swayed by statistical arguments, but I'll also accept eyewitness accounts and even, on the older guys, anecdotal evidence. Anything to help me get a picture of these guys will be appreciated.

    I have to turn my ballot in on Monday, February 11, so you'll need to get it to me quickly. So that you can see who the candidates are and what I already know about them, I've gotten permission to include the official ballot and information packet. Thanks for your help.

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    I'll give you all the stats you can handle later tonight after the basketball game. I'm at work now and then its off to dinner and then the basketball game. But afterwards I'll give ya all the info you could want or need.


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      Make sure to point out how bad the facilities were when Joe was here.


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        Here is a good place to start. From the 2008 media guide found on

        the History section...

        the records section...

        Give these a bit of time to load. Both are probably about 25 pages or more. You'll find WSU records and stats as well as NCAA records and stats. Also I think You might want to try the NCAA website. Although I doubt they have stats as far back as he played but maybe.


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          The PDF on Boyd's site does have bios for everybody on the ballot, with the basic stats/information.


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