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    I had no idea we were that over committed. Is 20+ over-commits per year common in baseball?
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    • Awesome Sauce Malone
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      First (and Im not saying you are) I wouldn't put Quinton in the realm of "Oh just a causality of over recruiting" The kid was way too good to just let him go elsewhere. But without being privy to any other information – he’s gone so I guess let the speculation begin.

      Not all but a good number of schools over recruit. 20 + seems high, but baseball is a funny sport. My son is going into the KCAC next year as a freshman and so far (not including his) the KCAC has registered 19 LOI’s for his team alone. The team only had 9 Sr’s and the bulk of the team being Soph/Fresh. Coaches words were “that most of the kids they sign might not make it out of the first semester” and that could be for multiple reasons.

      Granted the NAIA and D1 are very different in talent level but they all still face the same pressures of being a student athlete away from home. Also factor in that a very high number of baseball players across all levels are paying for their college education. Kids have to take out loans to play baseball for Friends, Wichita State, LSU, the list goes on.

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    I posted this on the 2019 Recruiting Class thread but it probably is a better fit on this thread:

    In addition to the 4 players 2019 recruits who have decomitted the following players listed on the 2018-19 roster who still had eligibility remaining are apparently moving on to other things:

    Fr. Carson Cox, 6-3, 185 OF (Did not play in 2019)
    R-Jr. Noah Croft, 6-3, 215 1B/C (40 games/109 at bats in 2019)
    Fr. Cal Carver, 6-3, 185 LHP (10 appearances in 2019)
    Fr. Miller Pliemann, 6-4, 190 RHP (16 appearances in 2019)
    Fr. Jake Plastiak, 6-2, 200 3B (18 games/43 at bats in 2019)
    Fr. Jack Brimacombe, 6-1, 173 RHP (Did not play in 2019)
    Fr. Mason Miller, 6-0, 170 C (Did not play in 2019 - Primarily a bullpen catcher I believe)

    So before the decommits and roster defections we were potentially at 56, 21 above the limit, so at this point that overage has been cut in half to 10 above the limit based on what is publicly known at this point.

    I suppose the key group of players is the 27 players that are on scholarship. If you happen to find a key contributor among the 8 non-scholarship players on the roster is icing on the cake. Of course, if they are a key contributor they might be on scholarship in the future.


    • 1972Shocker
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      Actually I think that Brady Slavens was 1 our our 22 commits in the Class of 2019 but he graduated from high school a year early and joined the Shockers this past season. So the Shocks were potentially 20 over the limit and are now 9 over teh limit with the departure of the 7 players listed above plus the 4 decommits that have been mentioned. (Mark Adamiak, Colin Burgess, Quinton Hall and Juco Austen Siedel). However, we may have another Juco recruit in LHP Trevor Muncsh that @ Wuzee reported on but that commitment seems to be a bit sketchy at this point. Chances are Trevor would be a non-scholarship player but hard to know that for sure.
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    Add Adam Stephenson, a 6-1 OF/LHP a sophomore-to-be who was used sparingly last year, to the list of players on last year's roster who apparerntly will not be returning. His name is no longer listed on the 2020 roster.