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    Maybe not overlooked but undervalued? Alex Segal was brought in bottom 6 with the score 4-3 and the bases juiced and the zone squeezed closed. One run had scored and you knew more were coming, it was just a matter of how many. Yeah, he walked the first batter (3-2 count with a tight zone) that scored another run, but then got a ground out (different circumstances could have been a DP) that plated another run, then got another ground out that should have ended the inning on a DP but we kicked it (scored another run) and finally ended the inning with a K.

    On the surface didn't look like a great outing, but considering the circumstances and how bad it could have been, really good job by Alex. He gave up no hits, again. Opponents are hitting .162 in 16 appearances against him so far. If he can improve his control a bit, and it has been getting better (25-11 K/BB), his wipeout curve is all but unhittable. If you haven't seen the young man pitch, get out to the yard sometime, because he's not going to be here next season. The 6'4" draft eligible redshirt sophomore is sure to be a high draft pick come June.


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      So I heard that there was some “brushback” pitches in the 9th that lit a fire in the shox hitters in the 9th? Is that true? And could anybody expand on what transpired?


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        Just watched the Top of the 9th on ESPN's archive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It was even better than I thought. I was following on stat broadcast so I missed the thrown bat and resultant brushback that opened the frame. That made the comeback all the sweeter. Plus, the visual craziness of Cadena's cue shot foul-to-fair single is off the charts.
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          Wuzee where are you located? I try to watch it and apparently am unauthorized.

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        Here is the replay on

        You have to wait for the replay to see the bat flip by Hoese. I really didn't think it was that egregious although Ross Cadena at catcher took exception and no doubt it fired up the Shocks in a game that had already become chippy. That was a no doubter. And let's be honest the Shocker comeback in the 9th was attributable more to Tulane's ineptness then it was to the Shockers being fired up. After a lead off walk (the 1st since the 1st inning for Tulane pitchers) the next two Shockers struck out in the 9th before Tulane fell apart.

        Peters threw one around the head of a Tulane hitter, Hoese does his posing after his homerun, Paxton Wallace "throws" his bat into the Tulane bullpen, and then Tulane's pitcher throws one over Paxton's head.

        The highlight to me was that after the Hoese home run the announcer said the Tulane fans get what the want. A Tulane win and a Hoese home run. Talk about a jinx.

        I thought Katzfey's going for 2 on his two out hit with a runner on 1st in the 9th was a bad decision but he got away with it. The extra base meant nothing when you are down by 6 in your final at bat at that point. But is was good to see Jacob getting his bat going. Hopefully, that continues.

        No doubt that the key at bat in the 9th was Cadena's masse's shot half way to 1st base on a 1-2 count. Then Garrett Kocis falls behind 1-2 before squeesing his single to right on an off balance swing. The Ross Cadena made a great read on a pitch in the dirt that bounced along the same path that is squibber did in his first at bat. Cadena owns the patch real along the 1st base line halfway to 1st base.

        The was some providence intervention or some karma at work here. Refer back to the announcer's comment after the Hoese home run made it 11-5.
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          Originally posted by Wuzee View Post
          Just watched the Top of the 9th on ESPN's archive. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It was even better than I thought. I was following on stat broadcast so I missed the thrown bat and resultant brushback that opened the frame. That made the comeback all the sweeter. Plus, the visual craziness of Cadena's cue shot foul-to-fair single is off the charts.
          Really an amazing top of the 9th. Nice win


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            Watching the 8th was a little less frustrating the second time around


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              Keep watching that. It's the only thing worth watching.

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            Crazy comeback win yesterday. But can you do it twice in a row?


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              Feve is my boy. Sorry Doc.

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              Just pulling your leg. You can't post enough here imho.

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              What did I miss? I needed a break from MemTigers1998. That high schooler was making me lose brain cells.

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            Our 2 best pitchers last week were Clayton and Liam so naturally we started Stump today.

            I would have bet, and clearly lost, a lot of money that the game last night would have deflated Tulane, but it just pissed them off.

            Stump gave up a home run to Hoese, his 16th on the year, then wriggled off the hook, but he couldn't get out of the 2nd.

            Of course we bring in Carver who gave up 4 runs in an inning worth of work last weekend, the only runs we gave up last weekend (and yes, Bethune Cookman is NOT Tulane). Carver threw gallons of gasoline on the fire Stumpy started and if we have any aspirations of a sweep, the comeback will have to be even more spectacular today than it was last night because it's already 7-0 Tulane and they are still batting. Cal Marley is in to hopefully settle things down and give us a chance to get back to salvage some dignity.

            Carver's last 2 appearances: 1.1 innings pitched, 8 hits, 8 runs, 4 walks, 3 WPs and an ERA of 65.45. Probably give him a week or two off until he figures things out.

            Not getting any better. The nightmare continues as Marley reloads the bases and an infield single scores 2. Marley working behind to every single batter so far.

            Marley finally gets out of the 2nd. Hopefully there's a run rule here at some point. 9-0 Green Wave.
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              Marley settled in and kept Tulane off the board in the 3rd and 4th. Shocks missed a couple of chances to score, a real mess in the 3rd with 2nd and 3rd and nobody out and got nothing.

              In the top of the 5th though they get 5 back with the help of a 3 run Hunter Gibson dinger. Alex Jackson left runners at 1st and 3rd though to end the inning. Still, at least within shouting distance, although you have to think Tulane has a couple more crooked innings in them.

              Freshman Miller Pleimann in to work the 5th.


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                Apparently there's a clock on this game. Shocks are swinging at essentially everything.

                Pleimann worked a pretty efficient 5th and 6th. The 6th inning saw 12 total pitches and took about 4 minutes.

                In the 7th Ritter doubled, Cadena was hit, Wallace fouled out, Kocis singled to load the bases, Slavens grounded into a FC scoring Ritter and O'Brien pinch hit for Jackson who pinch hit earlier for VanVooren and O'Brien flied out. The Shocks saw 8 pitches. The last 5 ABs were 1st pitch swinging. SMH 9-6 Tulane bottom 7.

                Tulane hits another bomb off a tiring Miller Pleimann and McCraw is in. Just guessing at this point, but after winning last night, maybe they thought the best plan was to save Liam and Clay for Game 3 against a tired and spent Tulane staff. Thinking that's a pretty good chance to win the 3rd and just hope maybe you outscore them in game 2. Who knows.

                This is McCraw's baby now. It's 12-6 and the Shocks will need 6 in their last 2 at bats, at least, to extend the game.


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                  Shocks see 5 pitches in the 8th. I don't understand, although at this point just end this nightmare. I hate to be that negative but sheesh. We're not going to make them at least earn it?

                  No, we're going to let Krishna Raj, who nearly imploded in the 5th when we had him on the ropes, get the last 12 outs on like 20 pitches.

                  12-6 final. I'm pretty sure my theory of setting up game 3 is close to the truth. They need to take this 3rd game now.
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                    Our last pitcher gave us a fighting chance to stay in it but our boys were too anxious at the plate swinging. Onto game #3 now.


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                      21 free passes in 2 games. That's astounding. Nothing has changed.

                      Honestly, we should be down 0-2 and looking to avoid getting swept.

                      I know there's a lot of hopeful fans and the fairytale last 2 weeks probably piqued some interest. But in reality, this team just isn't very good and it's made more apparent against teams with a pulse and on the road. In other words, a summary of the last 6 years.
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                        Hopefully we find some arms to slow down Tulane. If you told me the Shocks would give up 11 and 12 runs in the 1st 2 games I sure would not have expected s split and still in position to win the series.


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                          Well at least we have Clayton, Liam, Alex and Haase all ready to go. Probably could throw Barnhouse for an inning or 2 if we absolutely had to, but we're going to need to get quality length out of Clayton and Liam for sure if we expect to take the series.