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All-Time Shocker Baseball Starting Nine

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  • All-Time Shocker Baseball Starting Nine

    Any changes or does this look correct?

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    Great article, thanks for sharing!!


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      The list of pitchers receiving consideration should have been much bigger. It's hard to argue with their picks though. I wouldnt want to make that list.


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        No mention of Butler or any of his players. What a surprise.


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          Originally posted by dwbarcl View Post
          No mention of Butler or any of his players. What a surprise.
          Alec Bohm, Brandon Green and Connor Gillaspie are mentioned as contenders for the 3rd base slot, which ultimately went to Casey Blake. Nobody else who saw action this millenium is referenced.


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            I little surprised no mention was made of Don Heinkel and Eric Sonberg in discussing pitchers taht were considered although not mentionin them in the aricle doens't necessarily mean they wre not considered.

            That said I think these guys did a pretty good job selecting the team.


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              Editing a comment
              My 1/2, in no order, would have been Brummett and Pelfrey. Driefort was probably as good but he was more of a long relief guy who didn't have some of the numbers of a starter nor a closer. While Looper was a reliever, and possible had the best numbers of any WSU pitcher in the pros, I'd be hard pressed not to put several other WSU relievers ahead of him. Oelkers and Greenwood would probably not be in my discussion of the top 5. "When" Heinkel played, as well as Terry Hayes, hurts him. He has some all time numbers that will never be topped and for that, he'd be in my top 5 for starters.