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Todd Butler Radio Show - Monday, May 7

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  • Todd Butler Radio Show - Monday, May 7

    Listened in to the Todd Butler Radio Show this evening. As expected quite a bit of "if its and buts were candy and nuts" stuff.

    I was mostly interested in how they will handle the pitching this week with 5 games on tap. Apparently ORU and South Dakota State are playing better lately. ORU matched the Shocks with 2 mid-week wins over Oklahoma State in the past few weeks but lost 20-3 to OU earlier in April. South Dakota State has won 10 of their last 14 and they need to make sure they don't look past that game.

    In talking about the pitching for this week HCTB said they will probably start Clayton McGinness on Tuesday against ORU for a couple of innings and then follow up with Alex Segal for hopefully 3 to 4 innings. However, Segals thumb nail issued flaired up a bit again this weekend so they will have to see how that goes. According to HCTB, Alex has a weird grip that cause the seams of the ball to catch his thumbnail on release. I assume they don't want to try to make changes to his grip or what he is used to mid-season. Hoefully, that will get fixed in the off-season.

    Sounds like they will give freshman Jacob Lindemann the start agaisnt South Dakota and see how far he can go.

    Going to change things up a bit this weekend. Going to keep Tyler Davis in the Satruday slot since he has done so well there. Going to move Codi Heuer to Sunday. At this point said they will probably start Clayton McGinness on Friday agaisnt highly touted, hard throwing lefty Shane McClanahan. Didn't really say how they planned on using Preston Snavely this week but at least they talked about Preston a little bit in the show. One guy who they never mentioned at all was Liam Eddy. Don't want to read too much into that but hope he is okay.

    I don't really have a problem with moving Heuer to Sunday. It actuallyt is probably a good move. They said this was primarily just to give Codi a new perspective. That's probably valid. What they didn't say is that perhaps they figure Friday is a loss regardless who pitches for the Shocks against McClanahan so there best bet to win the series would be to move Heuer to Sunday. But I am just speculating about that.

    Mike's primary pitch to the fans was to come on out to see McClanahan. You don't often get to see a guy who can hit a 100 on the gun.

    Tommy Barnhouse will not be ready this week. He might return for the Memphis series but it will be like starting the season again. Connor Lungwitz was throwing this weekend but was not mentioned as being in the plans for this week.

    HCTB's closing thoughts were: "It's all good. I'm excited for the week."

    I suppose it is another good opportunity. But that coin has two sides to it.

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    We are f'ing 6-12 in the conference, 3-7 over our last 10 games, and 8-12 over our past 20. In fact, since starting 18-4, we have gone 11-12 (under .500). I don't see how anyone can think "it's all good!"


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      Perhaps he reviewed his W2 on Monday.