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University of Iowa football program lawsuit

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  • University of Iowa football program lawsuit

    With everything happening with WSU and Marshall, you may have missed what's going on up in Iowa City with the University of Iowa football program. Below are some links if you want to read all about it, but here are the details:

    From on October 18, 2020:

    Eight Black former University of Iowa football players are seeking $20 million in compensation and for athletics director Gary Barta, head coach Kirk Ferentz and assistant coach Brian Ferentz to be fired over what they contend was intentional racial discrimination during their Hawkeye careers.

    According to the letter, if the demands are not met to the former athletes’ satisfaction by Monday, Oct. 19, the athletes were prepared to pursue a lawsuit “to ensure they are rightfully compensated for their emotional, mental and bodily damages and that Iowa is appropriately held accountable for its unlawful, discriminatory conduct.”
    This article also has a lot of information -

    Nothing happened, so the players decided to file a lawsuit instead and added some more players to the group:

    From on November 10, 2020:

    A group of former players for the University of Iowa football team have withdrawn a $20 million settlement and filed a lawsuit against the school, citing years of racial discrimination.

    Sounds like the whole thing may go to trial and if the former players win, it'll be interesting to see if other lawsuits at other universities happen.
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    Kirk Ferentz, Brian Ferentz....reminds me of some other family relationships, those folks lived in a casa blanca.

    Most corporations have anti-nepotism rules. They have them because if two family members work close to each other, there is a much greater opportunity for collusion and cover up. Sort of like if I were the Chief Financial Officer and my wife, the Treasurer, was my direct report.

    "But trust me, I'm as pure as the driven snow....."

    I'm calling dumpster fire here.

    And the AD is getting his butt dragged into this because he ignored the obvious conflict. So this may actually be worse than our situation, because:
    1) Football coaching staff may be toast
    2) AD may be toast
    3) Coach may get a buyout AND the school may get hit with a big payout to the plaintiffs.

    Hey, but Iowa has deeper pockets than we do.

    Quick question: Why did the University of Iowa install artificial turf at their football field?
    Quick answer: So the cheerleaders wouldn't graze at halftime.

    Second quick question: Did you hear that the University of Iowa had their proposal to move to Missouri shot down?
    Second quick answer: Why yes I did. The Missouri legislature decided against the move because it would increase the relative IQ in Iowa and decrease the relative IQ in Missouri.

    Im out!