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  • BCS Possibilities

    Probably won't work out like this but for grins, what would you do if say, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State all run the table the rest of the way and you're choosing from 1 loss teams in Oregon (Auburn early), Penn State (@ Ohio State), Georgia (SEC winner), Alabama (to Georgia in SEC title game), LSU (at Alabama) & Notre Dame?

    Clemson plays a terrible schedule in the weakest conference. Unless they blow it against their USC rival they'll be there.
    OU is less likely but still only has road games against KState, OState and Baylor standing in their way.
    Ohio State has Wisconsin at home, Penn State at home and then @ Michigan before the B1G Championship game.

    If the B1G winner is undefeated they have to go. Penn State, Ohio State or Minnesota (only 3 possibilities left) would have at least 2 top 10 wins.

    OU and Clemson will have zero. Can either of those 2 get knocked out by a 1 loss Alabama? Or what if LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC? They'd have road wins at Texas, at Bama and Florida and Auburn at home. That's 4 top 10 wins, with 2 on the road.

    But start with the 1st scenario I have.....who makes your top 4?

    For me, given that scenario, I think I'd have to take Ohio State, Georgia (even though they had the worst loss), Clemson (haven't been beat in 2+ years) and probably Alabama.

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    Even though the ACC is dogcrap - gotta have Clemson.

    I think Big 10 is overrated, but yes OSU.

    Big 12 is a bunch of middle-of-the-road teams from 2-9. OU out of conf schedule sucked so not really sure they are deserving. I think 2 one-loss SEC teams deserve more than them..but won't happen.

    Alabama would get the final spot if 1 loss.

    Screw Notre Dame.


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      I'd only give Clemson a bid if they (and literally everyone willing to vote/rank/pick/vouch for them) officially and publicly recognized UCF as the 2017 National Champions.


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        Don’t need to include Oklahoma in the discussion anymore.
        "You Don't Have to Play a Perfect Game. Your Best is Good Enough."


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          No doubt about that. Kstate played a great game but that was one of the worst defensive performances ever seen. Big12 is blown up now. Baylor in charge. Everyone but KU, WV and TT has a shot at the championship game.