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Cleaning up?

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  • Cleaning up?

    Is the college game slowly being cleaned up?
    Arizona's Miller (time) comments hint he won't be back.
    How's the list look now? What known institutions still have work to do to clean up their programs?
    Arizona: Miller gave his farewell?
    Ku: Self prolly back.
    Louisville: Pitino gone.
    LSU: Will Wade prolly gone.
    MichSt: Izzo prolly back.
    Oregon: work to do
    NCState: work to do.
    NC: Williams health may have him on way out.
    Kentucky: work to do.
    Creighton: wheels are turning?
    Auburn: Pearl was gone, but like a sinus infection has returned. Work to do.
    Duke: Coach K may be clean, but video of Reddish is just strangely suspicious. Work to do.
    UCLA: Alford is gone.

    Did I miss any?

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    It;s hard to imagine the NCAA cleaning anything up. If they do clean this up it probably will by legalizing a lot of what these unethical programs have been doing.


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      I'm cynical also, but if they really did, and a good portion of the jobs mentioned above opened up. Suddenly good coaches with a reputation for running a clean program would become a very hot commodity.


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        The organization most responsible for cleaning up the NCAA will probably be the NBA if they get rid of the one-and-done rule.

        I don't see as much upside for shoe companies to get involved with college recruiting if the best players skip college altogether, and college is left with players that at best may be drafted after 2-3 years.

        With that said, of course, after shoe companies are out of their picture, schools (*cough* KU *cough*) and their boosters (*cough* Doug Compton *cough*) will still cheat.
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