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LSU Coach in Trouble

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  • LSU Coach in Trouble

    Not looking good for Will Wade. Yikes. Hope Greg Haier has a contingency plan.

    FBI wiretaps intercepted telephone calls between LSU coach Will Wade and aspiring business manager Christian Dawkins, in which Wade expressed frustration about his inability to close an offer for a recruit, sources told ESPN.

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      Maybe Heiar can go to Illinois State or SIU. Both those programs seem to be ready to make a change.
      The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
      We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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        Heiar's reputation will likely be stained due to association with the cheater. I would be shocked if he doesn't know what the head coach does to land recruits.


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          Does 3G bring Heiar back for rehabilitation (Forbes/Jans)? Perhaps he can provide some video analysis for a year or two.

          But yeah, I would love to see him take an HC job in the Valley. I love seeing the Marshall coaching tree grow.
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            Originally posted by Aargh View Post
            Maybe Heiar can go to Illinois State or SIU. Both those programs seem to be ready to make a change.
            You don’t get a yacht when your ship is sinking. You’re lucky to get a life preserver.

            Unless you’re referring to an assistant job.


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              Went over to an LSU board earlier (prior to the just-announced suspension) and the fan consensus seems to be, unless they can prove money changed hands, Wade is a saint with their full support. Why? Because everyone cheats.

              Screw 'em.

              EDIT: I just went back over there and they are calling for the AD's head over the suspension.

              It's disgusting. He is on tape as trying his hardest to cheat and their fanbase excuses it all. I hope this kills their program for the next decade or more.
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              • Sam Axe
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                Doesn't surprise me Royal what the fan reaction is. That's what I was hearing on the Baton Rouge ESPN station this morning driving in. If their coach was Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein rolled into one caught molesting kids and cooking old folks on a grill they would still defend him as long as he's winning

              • rjl
                rjl commented
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                Well, the general consensus as of late is to not self-punish, as the teams that have done so and then "fully cooperated" with the NCAA are the teams the NCAA has punished the most.

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              Kelvin Sampson will fit in nicely there.


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                Heiar leaves Wichita State and Coach Marshall to take a parallel position at LSU. I doubt that Marshall would want to bring him back. If he had left for a HC job it would be different. Obviously there was more to the story when he left.
                I won't tolerate rude behavior


                • ShockTalk
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                  I think this is being a little unfair to Heiar. Dollar and Gross left after the 2010-11 season. Marshall only filled one of those positions and it was with Heiar who would be behind Jans in 2011-12 and in 2012-13.
                  In 2013-14, Marshall hired Forbes, a very experienced coach in the D-I ranks and was probably the #3 chair behind Jans.
                  Jans left Bowling Green the next year and Forbes and Heiar moved up the #2 and #3, no one named Head Assistant, with Brown in the #4 chair for 2014-15.
                  In 2015-16, Forbes leaves for his head coaching job, Heiar moves to #2 (no title), Brown #3, and Lindsted #4 and Jans in the background.
                  2016-17, no changes except Jans made a Special Assistant.
                  As Heiar sees no chance to be Head Assistant after 6 years, especially with Jans around, he moves on. It just so happened that Jans also left shortly after for his HC gig.
                  Heiar had been "pushed down" a notch while Forbes was around and, from his perspective, Jans was the #2 guy regardless of title when he came back. Time to move on. I just don't see a whole lot more to the story.

                • Topshock
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                  Only other chapter ShockTalk would be when Jans left if Heiar was asked to come back and be the number 2, and in hindsight made the horrible decision to not do that and hitch his wagon to Wade.

                • Woodrow
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                  ShockTalk, you are right in your timeline. Many of Marshall's guys have left for head coaching jobs and he talks them up a lot. When Heiar left it was different. If he had waited for his opportunity he would have been better off. Time will tell if it works out for him or not.

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                Under the heading of, "Maybe the grass isn't always greener somewhere else after all..."

                The last few coaches to leave VCU haven't quite fared as they might have hoped. Anthony Grant moved up to Alabama, got off to a good start there but then faltered and was eventually fired; Shaka moved to Texas when they essentially pushed out Rick Barnes -- how has that trade worked out, Longhorns? -- and hasn't exactly been the savior he was trumpeted to be; now Will Wade is in deep doo-doo at LSU as a result of trying to move up in the Tiger pecking order past #1 FOOTBALL! and #2 baseball.

                Sometimes, the best move is to make your own program the next step up if your administration is willing to back you fully in the effort. Isn't WSU blessed to have a guy who has figured that out?


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                  Heiar made his decision, now he'll have to live with it. This morning on ESPN radio the hosts hinted at the fact that Wade has had a rep as a rule-breaker among other coaches. Heiar would have known this when he chose to take the job so that's his fault.


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                    I'm admitting up front that this is a half baked semi recollection from a foggy corner of my brain, but didn't Heiar leave for significantly more money than Marshall could pay him at WSU (potentially ever)?

                    The numbers popping up in my head are $400K at LSU and ~$200K at Wichita State. I have a higher confidence level in the LSU number because I think I remember it being shockingly high at the time for an assistant (that wasn't delivering Michael Beasley, anyway).

                    If those numbers are close, is Marshall really going to hold a grudge against someone wanting to double their income and upgrade their conference? I don't have an opinion.


                    • Topshock
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                      Not a problem for LSU. Shoe company probably chipped in on the salary.

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                    Originally posted by Good News View Post

                    The numbers popping up in my head are $400K at LSU and ~$200K at Wichita State.
                    He was hired for $300,000 at LSU.

                    i think he did leave on good terms with HCGM. He is on record of saying in article

                    The best move I’ve ever made,” he says of his time in Wichita. “What we did at Wichita State, I’ll always have that on my résumé. The relationship I have with Coach Marshall, I’ll continue to help Coach Marshall in any way possible because of what he’s done for me. But this was a new opportunity.”
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