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    Kyle RowlandVerified account@KyleRowland 59m59 minutes ago

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    Uh, wow. Iowa coach Fran McCaffrey was just screaming at an official walking down a hallway of Value City Arena. "You cheating mother****er! You're a ****ing disgrace!"

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    Probably not the best look for McCaffrey, but I'll be honest, I've said something very similar a couple of times this season and I'm just a fan watching in my living room. Coaches depend on fairly officiated games as one way to keep their jobs, so I understand when emotions are high.
    "It's amazing to watch Ron slide into that open area, Fred will find him and it's straight cash homie."--HCGM


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      That's considered a term of endearment from 3G. Nothing to see here.


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        I’ll admit I’ve wondered if cash enticements have somehow made their way into the NCAA officiating community. The officiating this year at times has been so spastic and ridiculous, as compared to historic norms, that a person naturally looks for an explanation.
        There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.
        - Ernest Hemingway


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          Some context. I believe the official that was being "addressed" is from Ohio. The game was against Ohio St. at Ohio St. Cursing is one thing, and either the Motherf***ker comment or the F***ing disgrace comment would get you run. BUT, the "You cheating..." part is a whole other level. A top priority for any sports league is the integrity of the competition. Fran impugned the integrity of the competition. 2 game suspension seems light to me.


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            If he would’ve called him King Kong he could’ve taken the rest of the year off.


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              Going to be seriously disappointed if we don't get Higgy tonight or on senior night considering he's hanging it up after this season. :(


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                Wait, what? This is news to me.