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WVU Gives Players S16 Rings - Fans Go Nuts

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  • WVU Gives Players S16 Rings - Fans Go Nuts

    After WVU beat Murray State and Marshall in the NCAA tourney, the players got rings forr their "run" to the S16. You need to read the linked fan responses. Participation rings?
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    Can you imagine what they'd do in Bug'aha if their tiny little local school ever made it to the second weekend? We're talking ticker tape time son...

    Of course the cows would be celebrating too!




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      Gonna play devil's advocate here.

      In 2012, Wichita State volleyball didn't win the league and didn't win the conference tournament. However, the ladies made the Sweet 16 after knocking off the Beakers at AFH in the biggest win in WSU women's athletics history (after a HUGE victory the night before against Arkansas). I can almost guarantee that they received Sweet 16 rings. Does anyone object to that?

      Granted, the quality of the NCAA wins distinguishes the VB Sweet 16 over West Virginia's men's basketball path...but I don't necessarily have a problem with Sweet 16 rings.


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        I guess I would look at it this way: What would be a school's and fans' expectation of a particular sport making a S16? High, fairly high, medium, not so high, not at all? This was WVU 11th S16, second in a row, and 3rd in 4 years. Strangely enough, WVU has 12 R32, so they've made the S16 11 of the 12 times they had the opportunity. On the other side, they've only been to 3 E8s, so that might be a better level for them to use. After all, even non-P5 WSU has been to 4 E8s.

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      West Virginia actually has decent basketball tradition. You'd think they wouldn't have to do this.
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        I'm sure Jostens and/or Balfour would love everyone to celebrate S-16's...

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        Kinda what I was thinking RMS.