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  • Villanova

    I remember hearing about a month ago that Villanova agreed to play KU this year, but I just now realized that game is in Lawrence.. This seems unusual for a few reasons, first off Villanova must fear nothing. Lol. If I were them I would of told Self he can get his re-match on the road only. It also seems strange that KU would care enough to want a rematch. I don't ever recall them willingly scheduling a rematch after a beat down. What makes that loss to Villanova different?

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    Its a home and home. Villanova travels this year, KU travels to Villanova next year. Its no big deal, two programs matching up in games that, win or lose, won't hurt seeding. KU probably wants this a lot worse than Villanova, as both of Villanova's NC's featured the Wildcats bouncing the Jayhawks out of the NCAA's.
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      The series was announced in November 2017, so last year’s Final Four beatdown has nothing to do with the scheduling of this series.