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  • Posting Guidelines

    Thank you for participating on ShockerNet! The following guidelines will help ensure that everyone's experience here will be positive. Please read them carefully.

    By registering to post on this forum you acknowledge and accept all rules of participation as outlined below. If you don't agree with the guidelines, please don't post.

    This forum is for fans of Wichita State University to discuss Shocker sports. It is family-friendly and so all participants are asked to conduct themselves with class. Profanity or vulgar slang will not be tolerated (whether your kids hear it at home or not). Words whose key characters have been replaced with $, _, @, etc. may get by the profanity filter, but they won't get by our staff.

    ShockerNet staff reserves the right to edit or delete posts at their discretion! Posts should not contain any of the following content:

    - Profanity or vulgarities (dust off the dictionary and find a better word)
    - Flames
    - Constant or unconstructive criticism of WSU, the coaches, or players
    - Personal insults, name-calling or attacks of other posters
    - Criticism of forum staff (see below for how to register a complaint)
    - Unsubstantiated rumors about players, coaches, or staff that are defamatory in nature
    - Off-topic posts not in the Off-topic forum
    - Topic "hi-jacking"
    - Multiple, identical posts
    - Material that may be construed as offensive, whether or not it is on-topic
    - Commercial or "classified" advertising, or other forms of SPAM.
    - Hoaxes or other intentional forms of deception. (Subject to interpretation by forum staff.)

    Accounts and Usernames: Registering multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If you are suspected of doing this, all but one will be deleted. If this is attempted more than once, a ban may be issued. All usernames must follow the post content rules stated above. Inappropriate usernames will be deleted without warning.

    More about players: Discussion of players should be limited to their performance on court. Reports of players leaving the program are prohibited. Exceptions are granted only if the subject has been reported in the media or released by the WSU athletic department. Saying "_____ sucks" is not considered constructive criticism and will result in the post being removed.

    More about coaches: There will be times where rumors of coaches leaving will occur. Please do not post subjective information that may or may not infer a coach is leaving. ShockerNet staff will deal with such postings on a case-by-case basis. If staff determines it is not reliable or directly pertinent, it will be subject to deletion.

    Personal Information of WSU representatives: Personal information about coaches, players, player's family, or other WSU representatives are strictly prohibited.

    Other personal information: Posting of personal information about anyone other than yourself is also strictly prohibited. Violating this rule will most likely result in an immediate loss of posting priviledges (ban). Post information about yourself only at your own risk. ShockerNet will fully cooperate with legal authorities if the actions of any member lead to unlawful conduct.

    Content from other sites: It is illegal to post content from a subscription-based website, such as ESPN Insider, on other websites. This cannot and will not be allowed here. Additionally, posting full articles from any other site is a potential copyright infringement. You may post only an excerpt from the article and a link to the article's source.

    "Shocker" hand signal: This topic has been discussed to death and the result is always the same. Any topic is started or turns into discussion of this subject will be closed or deleted. Images that depict it or insinuate it will be removed from any post, avatar, or signature.

    Posts that violate these guidelines are subject to deletion or editing by ShockerNet staff. As with any forum of this nature, there will be some subjectivity when determining whether guidelines have been violated. If your post gets edited or deleted, do not get upset with the moderators. They are human and it is not personal. If you deem it necessary to log a complaint about actions of ShockerNet staff, please send a Private Message to the administrator (RoyalShock).

    Users who repeatedly violate these guidelines will be subject to loss of posting privileges either temporarily or permanently, depending on the degree of violation.

    This is not a government-run forum, nor does it receive any public funds. As such your 1st Amendment rights are not protected here. Cries of censorship will fall on deaf ears. If you're looking for an internet pulpit, you are free to start your own website.

    A note to students: It is great to have you on ShockerNet! However, as many of you probably use a different vernacular when communicating with fellow students than most members of this site, please consider that the "make-up" of the ShockerNet community includes people of many different ages, from pre-teens to senior citizens. Please pay special attention to the unacceptible items listed above. Thank you.

    A note to fans of other schools: This is a forum for Wichita State fans. You are a guest here and should conduct yourselves accordingly.

    Please keep off-topic discussion in the off-topic area. On-topic threads that get "hi-jacked" may be split and moved to the off-topic forum.

    Please do not conduct personal discussions in the forums. The Private Messaging system works well for this.

    Thank you and enjoy your time on ShockerNet!

    These guidelines are subject to change.

    ShockerNet assumes no liability for the actions of individuals who post on or view this site. ShockerNet will fully cooperate with legal authorities if said actions lead to unlawful conduct.

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    How come GIF's no longer work for your avatar?


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      It's a setting I chose to keep as default on the new software. - A Wichita State Basketball Blog


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        They are offensive.


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          Doh, I was getting ready to work up a pretty cool (funny) animated GIF ... so I am guessing that's a no-go? Glad I saw this thread and didn't waste the time.
          Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."