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Hello everyone!!!!!

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  • Hello everyone!!!!!

    I am sad and excited at the same time.....

    Sunday I saw my niece walk across the stage and get her diploma and Monday I saw the Twitter post of her arrival to campus.

    Jaida is a very exciting player to watch! Its exciting to see her growth in the game..... please know that Wichita has gotten a TRUE athlete.... she has done it all. National AAU high jump and pentathlon medalist, National medalist in Cheerleading....these are before the focus on basketball. She also played Volleyball

    She now owns the title Michigan Miss Basketball and just before she left she attend the local sports awards and was crowned Basketball Player of the Year (which goes without saying when you have already been crowned Miss Basketball.

    I hope she brings you as much joy to watch as she has our family. We will miss being in the stands for every game but we are definitely planning to attend some of the games.

    Looking forward to communicating with you guys and being updated on things I might miss because of the distance.

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    Thanks for choosing the Shockers.




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      Very happy that Jaida chose to continue her career as a Shocker. I hope she has a great career. In fact, from I have seen and heard of Jaida she kind of brings to mind a former Shocker player by the name of Alex Harden from Springfield, Illinois who was much less heralded as a basketball player than Jaida when she started her Shocker career in 2012 but was generally considered to be the best Shocker woman basketball player in school history when she graduated in 2015. I hesitate to bring that up because I don't want to put any unrealistic expectations on Jaida. But I am excited to see what she will be able to do as a Shocker.

      Here is an article from this past January when Alex was name to the Missouir Valley Conference 25th Anniversary Team.

      Maybe Jaida would enjoy reading about Alex and I promise I won't be uspet with Jaida if she doesn't quite replace Alex as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) at Wichita State but I would be thrilled to death if she did..