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  • Rest of Season Available on Marketplace

    I have quit on this team and the coach. I will not go to any more games this season! OK, I'm only half kidding. I haven't given up on the Shocks or Coach Marshall. I've moved out west recently and won't be able to attend the rest of the games. As such I have placed the entirety of my remaining tickets on Ticket Marketplace. Beginning with tonight's game, there are three tickets available in section 118, row 32, noting that they are "Good seats. Unobstructed view. Northeast corner," all of which are true. The only bummer is that they're in the middle of a long row. The good news is that there's a post and an insulated pipe between you and the guy to your left in seat 15. You can set drinks, coats, etc. there.

    If someone wants me to pull them off Marketplace for a private sale, I will, except for tonight's game.

    Go Shox. I'll get my first taste of Shockervision tonight. My first taste of cable in my new house was the MoSt game. I hope tonight goes better. I almost cancelled cable over that one!
    Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.