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Ticket Exchange Rules - Read before posting!

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  • Ticket Exchange Rules - Read before posting!

    1. Absolutely no scalping! Tickets are not to be sold here for more than their face value. Those suspected of scalping risk being banned from posting on ShockerNet.

    2. Absolutely no reselling! For the purpose of this forum, reselling means that a group or individual has purchased a quantity of tickets of which they plan on reselling most or all of them, whether at a premium price or face value.

    3. If selling, be sure to include the following information when posting tickets for sale:

    - Date and opponent the tickets are for.
    - How much you are asking for each ticket.
    - Where the seats are located.
    - How you can be contacted.
    - Date and time by which potential buyers must respond.

    We highly recommend you use an e-mail address that you can check often. If you do post a phone number, ShockerNet cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to publically posting your number. We also suggest that once you sell the tickets that you edit out any e-mail or phone contact information from your original post.

    4. If you are wanting to purchase tickets from an individual, be sure to specify which game or games you are looking for.

    Any violation of the rules of this forum, or violation of Wichita State University's ticket policy will likely result in a ban from ShockerNet. ShockerNet will also cooperate with WSU or any legal authority should information about ticket policy violation or illegal activity be saught by those entities.

    If you suspect that a violation has occurred and would like to report your findings, you may contact a SN Staff member here: Staff contact information