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USF Sunday January 7 3pm

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  • USF Sunday January 7 3pm

    Looks like I'll have 3 tickets for Sunday's game. As always, must attend, must be a Shocker fan. Would like to give them to someone that doesn't get to go often, if at all, but I do want them used. Trying to give a couple days notice for this game to help with that cause.

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    Well, if you don't have any other takers, while I have a season seat, my wife and son usually only get to go the Intrust game. I would sit with them and then would give my season ticket seat to a friend. That said, if you get someone who never gets to experience the joy, pass it on to them.
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      Are you kidding? For all you've done for us over the years, it's the very LEAST I can do.

      PM forthcoming.


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        You’re a good man Doc.
        "You Don't Have to Play a Perfect Game. Your Best is Good Enough."