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The Next Great American Band

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  • The Next Great American Band

    This is a new "American Idol" type of show, but with bands instead of soloists. It debuts on Fox Friday night (Oct. 19) at 7pm.

    I mention this because my favorite band, Denver & The Mile High Orchestra is one of the contestants and should be on the initial episode.

    Here's a link to some short video clips of the bands. There's a few good ones and a few not-so-good ones, all in various styles.

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    I forgot to mention that DMHO's lead trombone player and musical director, Ken Hughes, is a WSU grad!


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      I'm going to bump this (because I can! ).

      Did anyone watch last week and want to offer your thoughts?

      DMHO and WSU grad Ken Hughes are in the final 12 and will be performing Bob Dylan tonight (that's the theme for this round, so everyone is doing Dylan).


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        "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability."
        -John Wooden


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          I hope they get an opportunity to show their "entertainer" side. They put on a great concert because there are so many personalities on stage and they are encouraged to "be themselves".

          When I saw them in Derby a year or so ago they entered the stage by rolling each other in on two-wheeled hand trucks. It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing and they utilize that spontenaeity throughout the show.


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            DMHO is still alive on this show. Five bands left, four performing "Queen" songs this Friday.

            Did I mention their trombone player was a grad assistant director at WSU? 8)

            Okay, I have. Just thought I'd mention it again.