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R.I.P. To Wayne Frost AKA Frosty Freeze

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  • R.I.P. To Wayne Frost AKA Frosty Freeze

    I just recieved this email.

    On April 3rd, 2008 at approximately 7:50am, Wayne "FROSTY FREEZE" Frost started his journey in to the next life. Our condolences go to his family and friends and all who knew of his great legacy. Frosty acknowledged those of us who came to visit him and was in good company during his last moments on this earth. For those of you who had the honor of knowing him, we all know that Frosty had a very celebrative spirit. He was constantly educating people and helped preserve the rich history of urban and Hip Hop culture. He was "the walking Hip Hop encyclopedia" and was one of the few brothers who had almost total recall in terms of history. We ask that you remember him as this great positive light who cared and loved many of us just as we loved and cared for him. On this day, we ask that people continue to keep him in their prayers. God willing, we will post any new information with regard to the wake and his memorial on April 11th.

    Peace, Love and Unity,

    Frosty Freeze, also known as The Freeze To Please (born Wayne Frost on 8 December 1963 in New York City, New York, U.S.) is a legendary old school hip hop B-Boy best known worldwide as a member of the second generation of the acclaimed hip hop/Breakin' crew, The Rock Steady Crew.

    As a member of RSC, he was known for his comedic, highly acrobatic but yet fearless and inventive style, due to his trademark move, "The Suicide", also known as "The Death Freeze Drop" (a move that he created accidentally by attempting a poorly executed backflip and landing on his back).

    His talents with the crew were featured in movies such as Flashdance, Wild Style, Style Wars and The Freshest Kids and made history as the first b-boy to appear on a magazine cover (The Village Voice, 1981). He was also featured in early hip hop music videos like Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic Force's "Planet Rock" and Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals".

    In 2004, he along with several other members of RSC were honored at the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors.

    Until recently, Frosty Freeze still resided in New York City, regularly making appearances at many hip-hop events throughouy New York City metropolitan area and elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately, he fell extremely ill during early 2008, and went on life support on March 27, 2008 and passed away on April 3, 2008.

    Photos Taken By Martha Cooper

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    Bboy Pioneer
    of the RockSteady Crew

    H2E: What is the first crew you were in?

    Frosty: Rock City Crew from 1978-1980 with: Butch Cassidy, Kid Sun Dance, TyFly, FlyTy, Lil Mel, Shane, Normski, Scotty, Fritz, LD, CharlieRoc, Wayne, Ron Dike, Kenny Flip, & others.

    H2E: When did you join RockSteady Crew (RSC)?

    Frosty: I became 2nd generation RSC in 1981, some of the other guys that joined at the same time were; Ken Swift, TyFly, RaSean(Kippy D), Lil Crazy Legs, Mr. Freeze, Lenny Len, Take 1, Doze, Fast Break, Lil Lep, NelSki, Gino, Flip Rock, etc...

    H2E: How did that whole 2nd generation of RSC begin?

    Frosty: Well, first Crazy Legs asked JoJo and Jimmy D (Founders of RSC) for permission to start his own Manhatten chapter but they denied him, finally around March, 1981 they agreed and the rest is history.

    H2E: What movies have you danced in?

    Frosty: Style Wars, Wild Style, & Flash Dance

    H2E: What about magazines?

    Frosty: I was the first Bboy to come out on the front page of any magazine!
    (Village Voice, April 1981)

    H2E: What TV shows have you appeared on?

    Frosty: 20/20, Live at 5, Teletone News, CBS News, Studio Y etc...

    H2E: Did you ever do any music videos?

    Frosty: Buffalo Girls, & Bambaataa's PLANET ROCK

    H2E:What tours have you been on?

    Kitchen Tour - 1982 with RSC, Fab 5 Freddy, Crazy Legs, DJ Spy and others. We went to D.C., Pittsburg, Minnesota, Madison Square Garden, Iowa, Chicago, Detroit, & Toronto. After that was the opening of the famous ROXY in June 1982

    European Tour - November 1982 with Crazy Legs, Take 1, Mr. Freeze, Ken Swift, M.C.'s Infinity, DST, KC, Shaheim, Fab 5 Freddy, Ramalzee, Dondi, Futura 2000, Bambaattaa, Double Dutch Girls, Kool Lady Blue, & Willie Craft. We went to London, Paris, Strasberg, Leoine, & a whole bunch more cities.

    Before Beat Street - May 1984 with Grand Master Flash, Crash Crew, Poppin Larry Love, Levan, Broadway, and Kid Creole & Raheim from the Furious 5

    Japan Airlines Tour - 1984 with Rockaron, Craig, DJ Jonathan, and others. I ran into OzRock out there.

    Summer - 1998 with Fabel, Fever, & Sweet Pea. We went to Italy.

    December - 1998 with Jojo, Fever, & Fabel. We hit Germany this time.

    H2E: What other elements of hip hop have you dabbled in?

    Frosty: I MC'd from 1979-'80 on tapes with Louie Lou, we were the Soul Bro. MC's
    I did some graff also in 1980. I pieced with Kay Slay, LK, Duel, $, TFA, TC5, IBM, CIA, TDS, RAZ, DURO, Shy 147(RockStars)

    H2E: What have you been up to recently?

    Frosty: I was teaching classes with Fabel last year in some public schools.
    I hosted Marlon B's event at the Culture Club and I did the Studio Y Tv show in January.

    H2E: What years have you attended the Bboy Masters Pro-Am in Miami and what are your thoughts on it?

    Frosty: 1998, '99, & 2001 - I like meeting all the international Bboy's, South Beach is fun, I like the weather, the people are nice, it's just a lot of fun and a great location. It makes me feel like a kid again!

    H2E: What moves have you made up or a part of your trademark style?

    Frosty: I invented the Suicide, and I helped pioneer moves and combos like: Cannonball, Round the World, Swipe to Headspins, Kickout 4-Step footwork, No Hand Footwork, many freezes, and most of all adding character to the dance.

    H2E: Any famous last words?

    Frosty: Well, I want to keep on dancing but I know my time is limited.
    "We are all in this together, we need to stick together!"
    I am more experienced with business now and I know how to control my own destiny.
    The 1980's were a lot of business for me and now I enjoy the scene more and have a lot of fun.


    H2E: Cut! That is the official Frosty Freeze spilling his guts out for all you heads that are interested in learning some factual history. You can only get it here at!

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