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Kelvin is so money ... but he doesn't even know it

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  • Kelvin is so money ... but he doesn't even know it

    News item: Indiana University likely will suspend, then fire men's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson following investigations that revealed Sampson and his assistants made more than 100 impermissible recruiting telephone calls, which occurred while Sampson was on NCAA probation for making 577 improper recruiting telephone calls while coaching Oklahoma.
    [Staff edit: Sorry, ASM. I had to remove most of the quote. Remember, a link with a short excerpt is what's acceptible]

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    Kind of sounds like the case on Discovery Channel I watched where the wife was trying to claim self-defense after stabbing her husband 193 times.
    The prosecutor went through the stabbing motions counting up to 50 one by one, and then jumped to 80, 100, 120, etc..

    The jury got the picture pretty clear.


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      I would like to get $750k for being a complete idiot. Does this episode at Indiana seal the fate of Kelvin ever coaching again at the Division I level?


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        No. Cheaters always find a way back in.
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