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Hacker's break in to Big East conference call

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  • Hacker's break in to Big East conference call

    This is funny stuff. If you want more, type CPAN into you tube.

    And also Dell Prank on you tube.

    click on audio

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    that **** is funny!


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      "Lee Thomas with the Wichita Eagle"

      "No thank you. Let's move on to the next one."

      . . .

      "Austin Meek with the Topeka Capitol-Journal"



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        The best call was the one about Roy Hibbert. Made my eyes water due to laughing so hard.
        "You can observe a lot just by watching."
        -- Yogi Berra


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          and even more funny is that Austin Meek is a real guy from the Topeka Capital-Journal!

          Meek: Martin's calling the shots, now
          Posted by
          Austin Meek

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          Austin MeekWhen you become a sportswriter, you prepare for certain occupational hazards.

          There are a few unpleasantries that come with the territory — delayed flights, infuriated readers, stampeding students (by the way, has anyone seen my car keys?).

          You don't, however, prepare to be implicated in the hijacking of a teleconference.
          Last week, I dialed into the Big East coaches' call, hoping to get a minute with Bob Huggins. I called about 10 minutes early, during Marquette coach Tom Crean's comments.

          The first question, from someone claiming to be from the Newark Star-Ledger, went something like this: "I was wondering, have you ever (expletive, expletive, expletive), and as a follow-up, would you like to (expletive, dirty word, expletive)?"

          Crean, clearly stunned, said something like, "I have absolutely no idea what you're asking."

          The conference moderator seemed flustered, as well, which is probably why he allowed the prankster a follow-up question.

          After two more crank calls (one for Crean, one for Huggins), the moderator decided to filter out any callers who sounded shady. And apparently, "Austin Meek, from The Topeka Capital-Journal" sounds like someone who's just dying to ask Bob Huggins about his (expletive).


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            sooooo funny!

            i think if i had the opportunity,, i'd have to do hack into a confererence call too. i've been to sleep, and thought about it, and its still FUNNY! I would love to see the look on Chris Lowery or Dana Altman's face!


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              It is very funny, but the sophomoric bathroom humor about watching players in showers could be upgraded I think.

              How about asking a coach his favorite flavor of ice cream. Or "If you were a sandwich, what kind would it be."

              Throwing something in about Britney Spears works too.

              Here's a great prank on a CSPAN call-in show about a caller's growing concern about the war on robots.



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                Thanks, I really enjoyed that audio clip. It really made my Friday better during the bitter cold days.
                Spoiler Alert: Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!


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                  Comedy Gold!
                  Jocks & Jills
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                    Great find ABC! Thanks for the monday morning humor
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