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Mir vs. Lesnar

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  • Mir vs. Lesnar

    Any MMA fans got a take on this fight? I'm really interested to see it. I think Mir will win easily despite Lesnar's obvious athleticism and wrestling background.

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    Lesnar is impressive to look at, but I'm not sure how well he'll hold up against big MMA guys. If I were to put money on it I'd be betting against Brock.
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      he'll F-5 the competition just like he F-5'd everyone on the WWE.


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        Mir will beat his ass....see the Tank v Mir "fight".
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          I thought Lesner was an idiot because of his pre hype interview talking about Frank "Muur". After watching a bunch of interviews this guy gets it. He understands why people are hatin on him, understand he has a lot to learn etc.

          That being said he's being thrown to the wolves with the former heavyweight champ who's a sub specialist. I want Lesnar to win but Mir is a bad matchup for him. Ground and pound turns into triangle or kimura, Mir subs him in the 1st.