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Where did you apply for college?

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  • Where did you apply for college?

    Me (alma mater in bold):

    University of Kansas
    University of Oklahoma
    University of Arizona
    Wichita State University
    Emporia State University

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    I was forced to apply at WSU mainly because of the people I knew and cared about. DAMN THESE THINGS CALLED FEELINGS!


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      I have not applied nor attended college.

      But im seriously thinking about trying to go to Butler next fall and after that maybe Friends if I cant do Wichita State.

      Ive kinda lucked out with my job now HOWEVER its something that everybody needs and If I dont have the education for I wont get max pay


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        Out of HS I looked at:

        KSU (via Air Force ROTC)
        McPherson College
        Hutch CC

        After Hutch looked at:

        McPherson again
        Wichita State

        My employer at the time was only willing to assist me if I went to a larger school, so it was WSU by default. Now I'm a LOUD AND PROUD SHOCKER!!!

        As an aside, after college I worked with guys who attended the KCAC schools (McPherson, Tabor, Sterling, etc.). In our field (software development) they received more applicable hands-on training at the smaller colleges than I did at WSU. The tradeoff is that WSU had more professors with different areas of core knowledge.


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          The University of Arkansas
          Henderson State University
          University of Arkansas-Little Rock
          University of Central Arkansas

          I'm from Texas, but lived in a border county where we got in-state tuition to all schools in Arkansas, which is pretty nice.


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            Wichita State University
            University of Iowa
            Iowa State University


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              Friends then WSU.

              Good luck affording Friends nowdays.


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                The Wichita State University

                They gave me a music scholarship and I wanted to stay home. I thought about KU and K-State quite a bit, I even looked at Arizona State because I lived in AZ awhile as a kid.
                "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability."
                -John Wooden


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                  Wichita State University

                  Pittsburg State
                  Fort Hays State
                  Colorado School of the Mines
                  Butler CCC - actually took a couple of classes over the years

                  really only wanted to go to WSU though


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                    Wichita State University (BA), Newman University (MS)
                    Earlham College
                    Wayne State University
                    William Tindale College
                    "If you're going to do it, you're going to do it right," athletic director Jim Schaus said. "If we're going to put 'Wichita State' across our chest, then every team is going to matter."


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                      University of Kansas
                      Kansas State University
                      Maryville University of St. Louis
                      Washington University (St. Louis)


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                        Wichita State University (BBA)
                        Boston University (began MBA)
                        Wichita State University (finished MBA)


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                          Wichita State University (BBA)
                          Wichita State University (MACC)
                          Spoiler Alert: Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!


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                            undergrad: WSU, KSU, KU, Southwestern

                            grad: KU, WSU, Penn, Michigan, Ohio State

                            law: KU, Washburn

                            FYI, accepted to KU each time and turn 'em down.


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                              Wichita State
                              University of Michigan