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CB's Coronavirus Tips & Tricks

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  • CB's Coronavirus Tips & Tricks

    Okay, so I've been wanting to put together a thread like this for my Shockernet buddies in case they either come Down With The Sickness or want to prevent themselves from doing so. Maybe others will want to add their tips and tricks also. I'll keep a list running or something.

    Teleflex Medical Triflo II Inspiratory Breathing Exerciser
    A couple months ago I purchased a few of these; one for myself and the rest for my folks and a friend. These devices are quite popular in clinical settings for getting patient's lungs open and "unstuck". When you read stories about folks that were able to bypass the ventilator and increase their oxygen saturation, they likely did it with a device like this. They're cheap. Why not?

    Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor
    This is a must have in the Covid First-Aid kit. In fact, all older people in general should have one of these. Low blood oxygen detection buys you time with Covid or Pneumonia in general. I'm aware of multiple accounts of folks who would have survived Covid had they just went to the hospital a few days earlier. An O2 reading in the low 90's should be a signal that you need to call the doctor. AND get out your inspiratory exerciser and started huffing and puffing away.

    N95 Masks
    Don't leave home without 'em! I would recommend making several orders because several will likely get cancelled. Consider paying the surcharge for faster shipping. Make sure you look
    at the estimated shipping dates because some are insanely long (they're taking orders without the product and hoping to fill them in the future). If the seller craps out, Amazon will cover you. I've never lost money yet. I purchased KN95 masks because they were more available at the time. They are the Chinese equivalent. Yay Free Markets!

    ARM & HAMMER Arm and Hammer Household Large 2Pr
    I found these gloves to fit me perfectly when doing chores that require my hands to get wet. Considering I am washing my hands more thoroughly throughout the day than I ever have before, I need to avoid the water as much as possible because it will damage the hands (which creates an open door for infection if you touch something). Ask me why I know this... *ahem* :/

    Hydrocortisone Cream
    Now... if you do find yourself washing your hands and not applying moisturizer immediately after (what dude knows to do this?) you may develop an Eczemic-like rash. Your hands will get red, itchy, and every time you wash them they will get worse. These are not safe hands to be shopping with. Here's the remedy:

    Put it on 3x a day and wean yourself off of it over 7 days if necessary.

    Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Body Lotion
    Now, this is what you want to put on your hands to keep yourself from suffering the above maladies:

    This is the good stuff. I tried multiple brands and this is what your dermatologist will recommend. No parabens, no fragrance, and non-greasy. Your hands will feel excellent and your lady will be impressed! ;)

    2 oz spray bottle (available in the travel section of most stores)
    A while back I was looking for a good way to clean my phone. I came across a safe and easy way without messing up the expensive screen. You fill your bottle with 50% 70% isopropyl alcohol and 50% distilled water. Just spray the front and back several times a day or whenever you come back home and wipe it off with a paper towel. My phone has never been so clean. I know it's diluted a bit below the CDC recommended 60% for hand sanitizers but this is a wet spray on a hard surface, and I'm not going to ruin my screen with higher alcohol content. I'm drawing the line! I gotta believe spraying my phone several times a day is at least giving any potential pathogens a serious limp. It "smells very alcoholic" when I spray it. That sounded scientific didn't it wufan? ;)

    Okay, those are my tips for now. Hope they help someone a little. More to be added later.



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    Got a new tip/trick to add.

    Considering that convalescent plasma is THE best therapy we have at the moment for rescuing Americans from the jaws of Covid, I hatched an idea.

    Get your blood type tested if you haven't already. You can donate at the Red Cross and you will not only get your type but also a free Covid serology test.

    If you'd rather just test yourself at home, here you go: 1 kit 2 kits

    After you test yourself and your loved ones, you can identify any matched types and strategize accordingly. If a weaker member of your family becomes infected, a stronger member with the same type could infect themselves and then be able to donate their healing plasma to the ailing family member. I know this strategy is not without some risk, but sons/daughters could ostensibly make the sacrifice for a parent. There is enough gap in the recovery time of a person with a good outcome and the person with a bad outcome to still be able to help if one were to infect themselves on the same day they learn a loved one is symptomatic.

    Once convalescent plasma becomes readily available in all blood types this strategy will no longer be relevant.

    P.S. Type A is purportedly the worst blood type to have when contracting Covid.