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The Cedar closed?

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  • The Cedar closed?

    Is this true and why? I am just curious, while I was not fond of the "new" location the Cedar was a great WSU bar when I was in college. I guess it doesn't surprise me, based upon my experience about a year ago.

    If it has closed, never to return, I may have to have a moment of silence.

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    The new Cedar had none of the charm of the old Cedar with four times the square footage and with ALL of the bad service from Tanner's. That location is probably shot going forward.
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      I know. Even though I was not in Wichita, I was upset when it moved.


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        What I've heard is this:

        The Cedar closed this weekend; Saturday was its last day of operation. In accordance with how the place was run, many employees and patrons weren't told until Saturday that this was it. I ate there before the game and had no idea until someone told me on Monday.

        There'd been rumors and confirmations that the Cedar was closing, but you'd think they would of at least held on through college basketball season.... or maybe even of had a publicized "last night of the Cedar" to make some cash as they're going down.

        But no.

        That bar was about as poorly run as it gets.
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          Thanks for the info rjl but that is a sad story.


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            I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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              Tanners closed early in November of 06. It took these guys forever to get the Cedars up and running. They missed so much of the basketball season last year.

              They did not retain the staff from Tanners but provided worse service. I tried it several times thinking that they would get it going but it never happened. I completely gave up on it 6 months ago.


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                The Cedar died the day they moved it from 13th Street.

                It was just a matter of time.
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                  And now it is the Field House...
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                    Originally posted by Shirley Schmidt
                    The Cedar died the day they moved it from 13th Street.

                    It was just a matter of time.
                    You are probably correct. It was the atmosphere that I liked most about the Cedar because it certainly was not the wide selection of beers. When I went to the new version, I remember being stunned (and annoyed) because it was so bright. When my waiter did not know what a schooner was I about fell out of my chair. I so looking forward to a $3 schooner (I think it used to be $3) especially after paying NYC prices all these years.

                    It is a shame because the Cedar had a loyal following. I would have thought it would not take a genius to make the place profitable.


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                      So is there a chance they go back to the old location on 13th?


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                        No idea, why did it move in the first place?


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                          Bring back the Flicker!! :lol:


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                            Originally posted by NCAABound
                            Bring back the Flicker!! :lol:
                            or the Shockernet Saloon!

                            Here’s a partial list of featured menu items:
                            “Cold-Blooded” Cold Cut Killer Sandwich
                            “Dofo” Deep Fried Chicken Strips
                            “KCShox” Cabbage Stew
                            "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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                              The Cedar has been for sale for awhile now. I first heard the rumor about a month ago, but about 2 weeks ago the owners offered to sell it to a guy I know. He's been kicking around the idea but I think due to other things that have happened recently in his life he has decided at this point not to mess with it. I was there Saturday after the game and a couple poeple mentioned they thought it was the Cedar's last night, however when we asked the waitress she knew nothing.

                              I think after moving and all the extra work the owners had to pour into it, they just got burnt out and decided to just cut their losses and sell the place. As for the old Cedar reopening, I don't see that happening there is another bar there now. The neighborhood was getting bad and that also contributed to the move. The parking lot next to the Cedar was being staked out by police for drugs, shootings, robberies, gang activity and who knows what else. I think a lot of poeple didn't realize how dangerous the old spot was getting.

                              Being closed on Sundays and not having and NFL package was a big mistake in my opinion. Along with the fact that service was terrible when they first opened it drove off a lot of long time Tanners and Cedar patrons.