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  • President Jay Golden

    Thought we might start a new topic for the new President. Seems that he has been quoted as saying he will shepard along the vision of Dr Bardo. Some of the questions I have
    1. He seems to be proactive in assuring the student body of transparency in the administration of the University. My feeling about this is everyone doesn't need to know everything about what is going on all of the time.
    2. Wonder how the meetings with students faculty and staff have been going.
    3. What is his vison for WSU besides moving along with Dr Bardo's vision for WSU and Wichita
    4' How do Varsity sports play into his vision for the University
    5. Has he met with the AD, Coaches and players
    6. What are his feelings about expanding sports and which one or one's

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    My questions for the new Pres:

    1. What are you going to do about Shocker fans that can't make the Shocker hand sign correctly? I'm not only talking about those that don't extend their thumbs, but it really drives me crazy when I see someone with their digits separated. The index finger and middle finger should be together, not separated.

    2. Can we once and forever decide if the official Shocker colors are Yellow and Black or Gold and Black?

    3. Do you play Candy Crush?

    4. Do you prefer thin crust over thick crust?

    5. Parasites, horrifying or fascinating?