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Simone Biles Lands Triple Twisting Double-Back Manueuver

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  • Simone Biles Lands Triple Twisting Double-Back Manueuver

    Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles managed to do something no one has ever done before when she landed a triple-double twist move and the video is incredible.

    It happened when the 22-year-old Olympic gymnast was doing her floor routine at the final night of the 2019 U.S. women’s Gymnastics Championships and landed what’s called a “triple-twisting, double back maneuver,” something no one woman has ever done before, per the Daily Mail in a piece published Monday.

    The move not only helped her make history. But also helped make her the first woman in nearly 70 years to win a sixth US senior all-around gymnastics title. The last woman to do it was Clara Lomady in 1952, per Fox News.

    Incredible. Apparently Simone doesn't understand the concept of gravity. :good:
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    She's one heck of a talent. I believe she also landed a double somersault with 2.5 twists for the 1st ever to do it off the beam, but I won't swear to it. Remarkable athlete, especially to be able to stay on top of the world when the shelf life in that sport is old age at 17.
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      Holy crap.
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        10.0,10. 0, 10.0, 5.5 from the Russian judge. Yeah I know it’s the US championship but I couldn’t resist


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          Pleased to say I got to witness that in person. Amazing to see the best gymnasts in the world simply vying for second place. She won three of the four events and was just shy of 5 points clear of the silver medalist. For reference, that’s a larger spread than the point gap between 2nd and 9th place.
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            Gymnastics championships: Simone Biles penalized for being too good


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                Maybe she should only perform A level skills? That would speak volumes and humiliate the decision makers by bringing public attention to what is happening.
                Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."


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                  They Worlds were live this morning from Germany. Actually, I think that's what happened in a couple of her exercises. The USA won the team competition by more than 6 points. Italy medaled for the 1st time since 1950. Their last exercise was a girl on the beam....she fell off mounting it, then struggled all the way through. It was painful. Cost them the silver to the Russians and almost cost them the bronze. Happy she held on (kind of) to the landing. Would have hated to see China medal.

                  There is an incredible difference between Simone and everyone else. Her difficulty is off the charts.