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How old do you feel?

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  • How old do you feel?

    I play this game all the time, for reasons I can't explain.

    Don't look it up!

    Remember the movie Hoosiers? Of course you do.

    Has more time passed between the release of Hoosiers to now, or when the real Hoosiers (Milan Indians) won the state title that the movie is (very loosely) based upon until the movie came out?

    Bonus question (again, don't look it up): What are the full names of the players on Hickory's team?

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    About the same time elapsed - 32 years

    Real Coach was Marvin Wood - only 26 years old when his team won.

    Bobby Plump (Jimmy Chitwood in the movie) was the star of the team; he went to Butler and was MVP one season then he played AAU basketball.

    I don't remember the player names from the movie but Ollie was the name of the trainer (he never entered/played in any of the team's games).

    Milan (not Hickory) was not an unknown underdog in real life; they were a known entity and won most of their games by double digits. The final game against Muncie was won by 2 points with a score of 32 - 30.

    I lived in Indiana for a couple of years and knowing the real story was a requirement (almost) to maintain one's credibility as a basketball fan.


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    1. Movie I think was ‘87. Year ‘52. So 35 years? Now being 2019, 32 years. So almost there.

    2. Jimmy Chitwood. That is only full name I remember.

    Note: When Hackman is talking about matchups pregame, the opponents names on the chalkboard are the real names of the actors playing the Huskers.


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      1954 was the year Milan won the championship; I thought the movie was 1986 which is why i posted 32.

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    “Coach stays, I play”