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    If you utilize email, you've been spammed. Some are better than others. The last year or so I've seen a bunch of the "hey you go to some interesting porn sites and now you're been secretly recorded doing all kinds of self abuse while watching so send me $300 bitcoin to x address". It's humorous to see the attempt at translating Whatever****astan to English.

    Today however I got this twist from Autumn Gonzalez:

    I write you to inform you that my recruited person has hidden the bomb (Tetryl) in the building where your business is conducted. It was built according to my instructions. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is impossible to damage the structure of the building by my bomb, but there will be many wounded people in case of its explosion.

    My man keeps the territory under the control. If he notices any suspicious behavior or policemen he will power the bomb.

    I can withdraw my mercenary if you make a transfer. You send me $20'000 in Bitcoin and explosive will not explode, but do not try to deceive me -I guarantee you that I will withdraw my mercenary only after 3 confirmations in blockchain network.

    My payment details (btc address)- 1LeReNiUgHNXvvR8TpgQG1b5nzqoKeUxDY

    You must solve problems with the transfer by the end of the workday, if you are late with the money the device will detonate.

    Nothing personal, if I do not see the bitcoins and the bomb detonates, next time other companies will transfer me more money, because this isnt a one-time action.

    For security and anonymity reasons, I will not log into this email. I check my Bitcoin wallet every 30 min and if I receive the transaction I will order my mercenary to get away.

    If an explosive device detonates and the authorities see this letter:

    We are not the terror
    ist society and do not take liability for explosions in other places.

    That's a fantastic disclaimer at the end. One wonders if Timothy McVey would have implemented that kind of brilliance when he destroyed the Murrah Building that he might still be with us today...… for thought.

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    Autumn Gonzalez huh...?

    Trump was right! Build that wall!!!




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      I sure hope I don't get one of those e-mails, if someone made me pay them via bitcoin I would have no idea how to do it. I guess I would just blow up.

      Question, what happens if WuDrWu was sick today or on vacation? Does everyone in his building just die because Autumn Gonzalez doesn't call off their mercenary?


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        I wonder if this is part of the story...


        • WuDrWu
          WuDrWu commented
          Editing a comment
          Just another "day off" for some quick thinking school admins. Hmm...well Autumn sure seems sincere.....Everybody out, snow day!

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        Bitcoin scammers send bomb threats worldwide, causing evacuations


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          Please do not post or quote in white - it cannot be read on some types of devices with certain settings in ShockerNet.

          That is all.
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